Friday, December 29, 2017

GCash | Pay Bills Options

I had trouble paying our water bill for this month using the GCash app.

The fields you need to fill up before was just your contract account number and the amount.

However when I tried to pay last December 13, an Account name was added and whenever I try to type in it, nothing happens or shows and I can't submit my payment without filling that up (I tried to submit it but I keep getting an 'Invalid' message).

So I ended up missing the due date.

Come next day, I realized I had my GCash account linked in Messenger, so I tried to pay using that.

However again, there is a required field for the Due date and since it is already past due, it won't let me either.

I called GCash hotline 2882 to inquire if I can change the due date to a later date to be able to pay.

But before I get through a customer representative, I was given a choice by the recorded instructions to use *143# to pay the bill.

So I tried it first.

I dialed *143# and chose GCash (9),

Then Pay Bills (5),

I was given a selection either (1) By Alphabetical or (2) By Category.

I looked for Manila Water via Category when I used this, under 'Utilities', but when I tried to look for it as of this writing to get a screenshot for this post, I can't find it in that category anymore and I am lazy to look further in each categories so I went by alphabetical for the purpose of this post.

Good thing it is grouped properly.

There it is, Manila Water!

I typed in the Contract Account Number.

And I had no problem typing in the Account Name, thank goodness!

I entered my 4-digit PIN.

And the Amount I was going to pay.

A confirmation message popped up and I just chose Continue.

And then this. I just chose to Continue.

I did not receive a text message from GCash confirming my payment but it did appear in the transaction list in my GCash app.

So yeah, good thing there are lots of available options to use GCash.

1. GCash App,
2. GCash Messenger, and
3. #143*

If one option does not work, try the other.

And I must say, they are getting better, at least in my point of view and experience.


If you happen to be new to GCash, here's a PHP 70 worth of freebies for you to try it out:

Having trouble scanning the QR Code? You can visit it here.

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