Friday, December 1, 2017

Game | Mystic Messenger Review / Reaction

This app always appears for a year now whenever I log in Play Store.

From the reviews I read when this app was still new, people complain about getting chats in the middle of the night or at dawn.

And I was like, "Then sleep it off, people."

But a year later, this November to be exact, I got bored, saw this again in the recommended page while looking for some game to pass the time and installed the app thinking there is nothing to lose in trying it.

Wrong. Choice. Of. Move.

I was dead wrong in thinking that way.

There is nothing to lose, I said?


And I am in the brink of spending my money for hourglasses when I finally dive into Deep route and V's route! [300 HG? Seriously? I cri~ I will control myself tho and I am still far from their routes.]

As a background, Mystic Messenger is a female-oriented otome mobile game produced by Cheritz.

Users can experience a love story through an interactive messaging app via receiving phone calls and texts depending on the relationship with other characters.

[As per described in Mystic Messenger Wikia]

I have just dived in to the pit of my own grave.

When I first looked at the user interface and saw that the Messenger chats lasts for only eleven (11) days [Days 1-10 and a Final day - R.F.A. party], I just thought it is interesting and I can finish this game for less than two (2) weeks.

For the record, I have never played an otome game before and had no idea how this works.

On my first few days I just logged in to the chats whenever I get a notification.

I just answer whatever I feel, I missed some calls and chats at the designated time and figured I answered wrong in some emails when the reply arrow is yellow.

Originally I liked Seven but when I heard Jumin's voice, I liked him as well.

But when I hit Day 5, I got Yoosung's route and there my bias list has been completely destroyed [although he felt more like a dongsaeng to me].

When I reached Day 7 and it had like a "Tap to Continue" button after the last chat, I thought I had to pay for it using my hourglasses so I did not do it.

The next day I got depressed to see no notification from the game and thought I got the Bad Ending.

I decided to tap the button and clicked OK and there the chat finally branched out and found out it did not need hourglasses. [Yeah, I am that stupid.]

In trying to save my hourglasses for the Deep route, ironically I had to use almost all of it to join all of the missed chats for the day. 😭

I discovered there are sites who give tips about the times of the chat rooms so I bookmarked it on my tab to know when is the next chat.

I even register to surf promos whenever I am bound to leave the house since this game needs an internet connection to be played.

Fast forward to the Final day, which is the R.F.A. party, thanks to the tips which said I had to always instill to Yoosung that I am not like his cousin, Rika, I got the Good Ending.

And surprisingly, I got an artificial "kilig" on the After Ending.

Just when I thought I am done with the game,

and that I can finally recover the days I lacked from sleep.....

I realized.....

I have done Yoosung's route......

And then......

There is still Zen's, Jaehee's, Jumin's and Seven's route....

Plus V's route.

[Shock sound here]




And now I am wanting to get good endings on their routes as well.

I might even aim to get the Normal endings and other Bad endings of every character to complete the CGs [computer graphics] in my album.

In fact today, December 1, is my Final day on Zen's route. Yay~ for my 2nd R.F.A. partey~

Is this what they call addiction?

I won't admit it nor deny it.

Maybe I will just let Christmas pass by first because I need enough sleep for the upcoming Dawn masses, then I will start aiming for Jaehee's route [gosh why does she have to be a girl? I thought she's a guy at first].

To summarize my experience so far, even though this is just a game, it gives you the feels, man! The feels~

Days 1-4 is just like meh since your love interest is still being decided according to your answers in the chat room but just you wait to reach Day 5 where your route is decided, focus on that character and your feelings will be filled with mixed emotions. Lol~

And this game has a profound story too which unveils in every characters' route.

The story is connected to each one of them that is why it made me want to finish it [which obviously won't take me just eleven (11) days].

I really want to go straight to Seven's route since I basically joined in because of him but almost everybody who has played this app say that Seven's route should be played last.

That is why I have been controlling myself and enduring the pain of having to go through all of the routes to be able to play his'.

Although Zen's route was a pain in the beginning since I had to compliment him always like saying "Lovely Zen" or something like "You are so handsome.", I can say that his route has so many romance though. He is such a man. Lol~

Drama, Comedy, Action, Suspense, it, the game has it.

I did not go through the trouble of explaining everything about this game since a lot of websites have already done it.

This experience....I got all of this out of my curiosity and boredom.

And now look at how I am today.

Cheritz team, kudos to all of you who worked hard in making this amazing game~

All of the soundtracks used are incredibly good too.

Looking forward to everything that you plan to do in the future~


I am in search of Honey Buddha Chips and Ph.D. Pepper.
[Honey Butter Chips and Dr. Pepper, in real life.]


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