Friday, March 2, 2018 on its 1st Anniversary~!

In a blink of an eye, a year has already passed and has turned 1 year old. Yipee~!

Kung hindi ko pa ito ibinilhan ng domain name eh hindi pa ako mapi-pressure na maging active dito para masulit ang ibinayad ko. Lol!

But now I see it as a good thing that I took that step because I became more active in posting and even made an additional pressure of having a Friday blogging schedule.

As much as I would like to give back something sa inyo as a celebratory thing, I do not have the resources to do so dahil hindi ko rin kayo kilala. Hahaha! Ni hindi kayo nagpaparamdam.

Para kayong hangin na dumadaan sa blog ko (hangin = page views).

Sa page views count ko lang nalalaman na nagpupunta kayo rito. Hahaha

But I would like to thank you all pa rin for giving some time to visit my blog and finding it somewhat helpful or maybe interesting. 

And thank you also to the few who even took time to leave comments as well, be it some feedback, reaction or questions.

I know my blog is still kind of random and I am still finding my niche but at least your visits let me know which posts you are interested in.

And it somewhat gives me an idea on which topic I am sharing are relevant to you.

So kahit hindi kayo nagpaparamdam, keep it coming! Lol

I never thought that I would still renew my domain name but surprisingly I was able to do so last February 19 (it is expiring on February 27).

This is like advertising, but i-shi-share ko na rin that I bought it in Namecheap.

And it really is living its name because their offers are cheap compared to the ones I searched for.

Plus I found a coupon code to apply a discount so lalo pa ulit akong nakamura sa pagrerenew ko.

Kapag nakaluwag-luwag pa, I will add an SSL na rin to make my blog more secure.

Medyo out of budget kasi as of now so pagtiyagaan nyo na lang muna ang http ko.

This post is kind of bland for's anniversary at wala man lang photo na pampabuhay, but that is because I accidentally spilled some water sa aming laptop last Feb. 28. T_T

And the laptop is still placed upside down to dry (I am leaving it like that for 48 hours) and I will check for any damages after the given 'drying period'. Please hang in there, our precious laptop.

So I am writing this post thru my tablet na pinapagod ako kaka-zoom in and out, kaka-swipe up and down, left and right.

But nonetheless, Happy 1st Anniversary to me-e-e-e-e~! ♥★


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