Friday, March 23, 2018

I'm Finally Coming Out~!

Years back when I realized that this is what I want, I struggled so hard to not be misunderstood by the people around me.

Whenever I am asked of this question every time we meet up, I answer hastily and shy away.

Because I can see the regret on their faces like 'Why are you choosing that path?'

Sayang. Sayang. Sayang.

Omo, are we on the same page? Or are you thinking of something else about this 'coming out' thing?

Let me clear this out for you to be sure.

I am talking about my career path, you wicked you! Lol

I am shifting from being an accountant to being a freelancer a.k.a. virtual assistant, to be specific.

Whenever I am asked where I work, for years since I left my job I have been answering 'I am freelancing, I work from home.'

But I feel uncomfortable when they want to dig deeper into what my work exactly is.

I can't answer them straight because I am actually finding my path as yet and am still unsure of what niche should I chase and focus on.

I am still experimenting, in short.

For years since I left my job, my only source of income is my part-time bookkeeping of a real-estate company's accounts which I only work on quarterly.

I had some other short-term source of income but telling those here is not essential because it left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

I kept searching and searching.

Watching tutorials and tips about earning from home because that is what I really want:

To. Work. From. Home.

I learned about FarmOn.

I learned about ClixSense.

I learned about MarketGlory.

I learned about blogging and YouTube-ing.

I maintain those as a hobby.

But we are getting older every day.

All of the people I rely on and depend on are getting older as well.

I need to find my passion and niche and turn it into profit, a stable income that can sustain our day to day expenses with savings on the side.

If you have been reading my past blog posts, I have shared with you that I enrolled in a boot camp, a Virtual Assistant Boot camp.

I spent some of my profit from FarmOn to enroll in that course.

And it took me months to finish it but at least I did (ang hirap kalaban ni katamaran).

And that is what I am pursuing right now.

I have never updated my work profiles online ever since I left my corporate job since I do not want anybody to know what I am doing (nahihiya ako sa mga naiisip kong iisipin ng mga nakakakilala sa akin kapag nakita nila).

But now, I am updating it one by one to attract potential clients.

I am still shy about doing this, but I realized I won't go anywhere if I do not step up my game.

I have to let the clients know that I am existing and that I am fit for the job.

Online work profiles are their go-to if they want to stalk their potential applicants.

That is one of the things I learned.

And I can only say that I learned it if I apply it.

Ika nga ni pareng Leo, learning = behavior change.

That is why I am back on LinkedIn.

True enough, some people I know saw my profile update there and asked me about it immediately.

I am hoping that potential clients will see it as well.

As of now, I am updating my Upwork and profile from time to time.

And I still have this ongoing battle to win over: my fear of applying and sending cover letters. Lol!

I am really overwhelmed by the job descriptions I see.

It makes me feel like I do not know anything.

It makes me feel like I can't do it.


That is what I am trying to overcome.

I will never know if I will never try.

I won't get any experience if I don't take action.

I won't learn if I don't experience it.

That is why I am gathering up all of my courage and overcome this self-doubt I am feeling.

My target is to pursue V.A. first and when I have earned some, I will enroll again for a Quickbooks course and shift back to my accounting profession after.

I may still renew my license in the future if I can collect the mandatory credit units for CPAs.

So please cheer me on, guys.

And pray. pray. pray. 🙏😊


You can check out my VA Bootcamp journey here:


  1. I love how honest you are in your blog. It's inspiring!


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