Friday, March 30, 2018

I Got My First Ever VA Job~!

After my 'coming out' post last week, I had another leap to freelancing.

And as the title says, I got my first ever job on Upwork!

It is not as big as you may expect it to be and it is a one-time project but this is the best way for me to start.

And my very first client is no other than......WFHR!

If you have not read my previous blog posts, WFHR or Work From Home Roadmap is where I enrolled for V.A. Bootcamp.

You can check my Bootcamp journey here:

But! Before you conclude, let me clear this out that WFHR is not required to hire their own students after finishing the Bootcamp.

We have this private Facebook group for students where members, aside from posting their questions or stories, etc, can share job postings.

Moderators post as well.

Job postings can be of their client, or from freelancing websites they saw, or of their own (if they need assistance with their work or they started their own business).

The same goes for WFHR.

They have a lot of work to do and sometimes they need a helping hand.

Students who have already completed the Bootcamp but hasn't been hired yet are always on the lookout for job postings for newbies.

And oftentimes, WFHR offers jobs as well, a fixed-price one, as a kick-starter.

Luckily, for the rare times that I am on Facebook, I got the chance to grab a job post.

Pabilisan talagang mag-comment doon kasi first come, first served.

At nagko-close agad ang mga iyon in just a few minutes.

I actually thought that I was not qualified because a week has passed since I commented on their post but I haven't received any reply or whatsoever.

So I just thought it was one of the days that I had to move on.

But surprisingly, I got a message from Ms. Bong last Saturday about the task they are going to give me.

I got no expectations and it came to me by surprise and I honestly teared up. Lol!

I received the details of the work on Monday, got to accept the offer on Upwork the next day, finished it on Wednesday, and sent it to them the following day.

Excited ang lola nyo eh. Haha

As it was already Maundy Thursday, the staffs are already in their vacation mode.

I will receive the verdict on Monday if it is a job well done.

I will update this then.

By the way, this is a paid job and they will give feedback on my Upwork profile once it is finished.

I'll be back here next week for the update of my new beginning. 😆


You can check out my VA Bootcamp journey here:

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