Friday, July 13, 2018

FarmOn | 19th Cycle Opening and Registration

FarmOners, prepare your investments as the opening of the 19th cycle has already been announced in's Facebook group (I haven't checked their page yet).

The registration will be this coming Monday, July 16, 2018 until August 31, 2018.

And there are some things to note about with this upcoming cycle.

1. All contracts can only be sent once and will not be open for any revisions. (Siguro maraming farmOners ang pabago-bago ang isip sa mga nakaraang cycles? Or yung iba kasi dagdag ng dagdag? xD)

2. Newly Registered FarmOners will be paying a one-time registration fee of P300. This is for the new customer support personnel that FarmOn will be hiring to attend to online inquiries and questions wherein 85%-90% comes from new FarmOners. The fee will be included in the contract as well.

3. All users can add products to their basket for the cycle. Once the FarmOner places his/her orders, he/she will receive the contract for the cycle and cannot add or remove products any more. (Hopefully with this, makapag-invest na ako sa fish pond).

Plus! They have announced which products will be available:

- Rice (Amaryllis) P9,000
- Rice (Bouvardia) P8,500
- Rice (Carnations) P8,000
- Rice (Daffodils) P7,500
- Banana P3,000
- Papaya P4,300
- Fish pond P5,000
- Squash (Growers) P1,500

Let's see how the site will handle farmOners this cycle. Makapasok kaya ako? O puro error ulit? Magkaubusan kaya ulit at rice na lang ang matitira? Ating abangan. 😁


Yup, there are 2 posts for this Friday.
Because both are urgent.😃

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