Friday, July 27, 2018

FarmOn | 19th Cycle Investment

As you may have already know, FarmOn's 19th cycle opened for registration last July 16 and will run up until August 31.

I have made a post regarding the changes in registration for the 19th cycle >>Here<<

Sinubukan kong mag-log in ng umaga pero ang um-appear sa screen was like nag-u-update pa sila ng website and that 1:00 PM mag-o-open ang cycle.

Oha, may paabiso na.

But here comes 1:00 PM and there the usual error for the first day of registration occurred.

As expected, nagkita na naman kami ni Pareng Error 502 Bad gateway at ni Mareng Error 520 Web server is returning unknown error.

Since I am preoccupied with my work (need to focus because we're correcting past transactions), I just decided to delay my investment.

I haven't received my profit from the previous cycle in the first place so I don't have anything to reinvest.

But I was hoping that my brother would be able to reinvest his balance for Fish Pond (but heard back nothing from him).

Come Wednesday, July 18, I received an email from FarmOn that my Watermelon-growers from the 17th cycle has been harvested.

Yay~! Pwede pang humabol.

I was able to check the website in the evening of the following day and majority of the farms only offer Rice.

Only one (1) farm has Fish Pond and as expected, it's already closed/fully funded.

So I ended up reinvesting to Squash in Lal-lo Farm.

Oh, and there's also Pamplona which offers Squash as well.

That's all the farms that has opened for the 19th cycle.

As for the investment process, here's what I've gone through.

After clicking the Available button of the preferred crop, this is where it redirected me.

***It is important to take note of the Reminder.***

Squash is P1,500 per plot. I just filled up how many plots I'm going to have.

As for the Note, I didn't fill it in. I don't have anything to say.

For the notarization, I ticked No and proceeded to Add to My cart.

Then they have the option to Place my orders or Add more products.

Since I'm sticking to one crop, I chose to place my order.

Below's what appeared next. It's like a summary page of my product request. Then I clicked on Place My Orders.

A popup showed up. Nah, I just clicked OK.

Then that's it. A message of "Success! You already place you orders for this cycle." has appeared and now I have to wait for my contract to sign it and send it back to them.

As of this writing, July 25, I still haven't received my contract.

If it's 3-5 "business" days, then I'm expecting to receive it tomorrow, July 26.


I received my contract on Friday afternoon. Sent it back to them the next day.


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