Friday, July 13, 2018

Is Freelancing For You?

These questions might help you decide if freelancing is for you:
  • Are you tired of the everyday traffic going to-from work?
  • Are you lazy waking up too early to beat the traffic and be at the office on time?
  • Are you fed up with corporate politics?
  • Are you not feeling any growth in your career and wealth in your current position?
  • Do you miss your pets whom you leave at home every day and wish you could be with them while working?
  • Do you have enough time for your family and friends? Or has your time been eaten by your office workload already?
  • Or maybe you just miss your pillow whenever you are at work? (Well this is me, I don't know if there's anyone else feeling this.)
Deadlines, stressful boss and office mates, bills eating your wealth (yun bang hindi ka pa sumusuweldo, naka-allot na agad halos lahat para sa mga bayarin).

You work hard, but feel like you are not getting what you deserve.

You feel like you are not doing what you want. What you love.

But what do you want to do? What do you love?

The answer might be clear to others, while to some, they are clueless (like me before).

But here's what you can do to discover what you have to do:
If you don't know what you want to do, list down what you hate to do.

After listing down what you hate to do, then at least you can search for other options.

For example, for me, I listed down that I don't like being at the office.

So if I don't like being at the office, then I might want to be at somewhere else.

I was able to answer: I don't want to be at the office. I want to be at home. I want to work at home.

What work should I do then?

I listed down what kind of work I don't like.

The #1 work that I will definitely turn down: calling.

That is really the opposite of me, calling customers, you know, the work in call centers (kaya hindi ako nagtatrabaho sa ganoon dahil hindi ko talaga kaya. Ni sa Filipino nga hindi ako fluent, sa English pa).

So it is clear to me what I don't like and I can look for jobs which do NOT include that in the job description.

The next question is, how do I start?

Well honestly, Google Search has the answer. 

A lot of blog posts and guides about starting as a freelancer can be found in Google Search.

If you have a lot of time to spend searching, reading posts and studying free online courses on YouTube and joining freelancing groups and has a lot of motivation to continue as far as you can, you can do so.

But if you don't have time to go through all the trouble of searching and searching everything, doing everything on your own, and believe me, there are times that you will feel lazy, then you can try out the VA Bootcamp course.

You can check out my experience here as I also enrolled in this course (VA Bootcamp Accelerated):

"But Hatputito, you just said that information is searchable in Google, why would I spend money enrolling in this course then?" you may ask.

Yup, as I studied the course, I can tell that the information is available everywhere and you can learn it on your own without spending money.

But what you are paying here, aside from the information/lessons itself, is CONVENIENCE.

It will save you lots of time from searching what to do first, where to start, how to start, how to work, etc.

Everything is laid out step by step for beginners. Actually, this course is for beginners.

If I can describe how the modules were done, it is like this:

1. Modules for Skills - You will be taught about Email management, Social Media Management, Research, Office Application, WordPress management, etc (there's a lot), and these are the usual/basic workload given to Virtual Assistants. If you search for jobs, you can see most of these in the job description.

2. Modules for Job hunting - You will be taught how to properly create your freelancing profile in different freelancing platforms, how to prepare a cover letter when sending proposals to potential clients, how to ace an interview (YEAH! There are mock interviews in the module too!).

I'm sure I haven't laid out ALL that you can get from the course here, but really, there's a lot.

Plus there's a Facebook group for students, a Discord chat group.

If you have a problem with fueling up your motivation, you can even get your accountability partner in the group.

There's also the Hustle challenge for graduates to be able to push forward in applying after finishing the Bootcamp.

Really, really, really. WFHR team is working hard to ensure that students will be able to succeed after finishing the course.

The reason I am writing this post though is that I saw an update from WFHR team.

Just a heads up to those who are contemplating enrolling as well.

On July 15, VA Boot camp will undergo BIG changes and that is for good.

According to the email update I received last Tuesday, starting on July 15, students will:
  • Get their questions answered within 24 hours, GUARANTEED!
  • Have a dedicated chatroom for students - with our support team available
  • Get LIVE Q&A and Group Coaching Sessions every 2 weeks
  • Have active support in our 'Hustle Challenge' - which has gotten multiple students hired within 30 days of graduating
  • Have guided paths to help them grow as a freelancer and in different niches
  • Have a total of 40 webinar sessions for FREE every year (Group Coaching, additional tutorials, etc)
  • Have 1yr access to ALL our courses! (VA Bootcamp Complete)
  • Will receive 1 new course every quarter (4 per year - VA Bootcamp Complete)
  • E-Commerce for Virtual Assistants course has been added as well
In line with that, the VA Bootcamp will switch to Annual Access (instead of a lifetime) and the VA Bootcamp Complete (which has access to all courses) will increase from Php 13,990 to Php 19,990.

All existing students will still retain their lifetime access.

So if you are planning to enroll in the course, you better do it before July 15 comes so that you can still get lifetime access to the course PLUS the benefits mentioned above.

I've seen some classmates who took more than a year to finish the Bootcamp due to different reasons: busy, no time, OT sa work, pagod sa bahay or katamaran.

Whatever the reason is, if you want to take your time learning all the lessons, you can grab this opportunity before the course turns to annual access.

That's all.~

Hatputito is in the process of healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I ask for your prayers. Thank you.
Good thing I can still work because my work is from home.


The VA Bootcamp successfully had their revamp last July 15, you can check the new website and updated course inclusions and terms >>here<<

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