Friday, August 24, 2018

An Epic Fail Birthday Party Surprise 2.0

When are we going to do this right? 😂

Another birthday surprise was set to fail last Tuesday, the 21st, yes, the double holiday of August which Diane and Jussel had prepared and planned for to celebrate my and Clarisse's birthday, a double celebration as well.

Little did they know, I already know about it the day before, or maybe Diane too had thought that because of the turn of events, I may have realized it?

As a story background, Diane and Jayvee told me on my birthday itself that a 1kg of Lechon Kawali is set to be given to me as a gift, freshly cooked from Jayvee's family eatery (da best ang lechon kawali dito, mga pre. Kahit ilagay mo pa sa container at takpan, crispy pa rin kapag kinain).

Our original agenda:

August 20 > Sleepover at Clarisse's place (Jayvee will hand over the Lechon Kawali)
August 21 > Travel to Quezon province
August 22 > Travel back to Manila

Unfortunately, it had been announced that Ninoy Aquino Day and Eid'l Adha will both be celebrated on the 21st so our plans had been changed to having a karaoke party at Diane's place on that day.

On the 20th, we were discussing who will get the Lechon Kawali from Jayvee. (Marami nang pinuntahan ang usapang ito, mayroong time na na-cancel na lang ang pagkuha nun dahil nga sa hindi magtugma ang schedules namin....pero hindi pwedeng mawala ang Lechon Kawali kaya kailangan ipaglaban).

Diane : Can't receive it. Taga-bundok
Clarisse : Hindi daw uuwi ng gabi
Me : I can't go out. I have home. xD

My suggestion is to have Jayvee hand it over to Jussel on the 21st since they live near each other.

When I said this to Diane (since she's the one coordinating with Jayvee), ang dami niyang dahilan. Kesyo hayaan daw si Jayvee na maisip yon. Palagi na lang daw siya ang nag-iisip, etc. 

Then the baton was turned to me. Jayvee messaged me that he'll deliver it to our house that very same time. So I brought up to him my suggestion.

But he answered that Jussel will be sleeping over at Diane's place, which he was supposed to keep a secret daw.


I was triggered. 

Kaya pala ang daming dahilan ni babaita sa suggestion ko ay dahil doon. x'D

I was like "Bat hindi na lang niya sinabi sa'kin in the first place kaysa palusot siya ng palusot."

I chatted her on Messenger about it and said nagtatampo ako sa kanya.

After our melodramatic messages, the special delivery of Lechon Kawali has arrived in front of our house and without warning he spilled out "I-su-surprise ka nila bukas. Huwag mong sabihin na sinabi ko. Just act surprised tomorrow."


**(Easy ka lang, Diane. Tapos nang nangyari. Huwag mo nang awayin ang jowa mo. 😜)**

Come next day, Clarisse and I met up at lunch and bought additional food.

Medyo natagalan kaming makasakay pa-akyat ng Tierra. Medyo rare ang jeep nila eh. Kung hindi ko nakilala si Diane, I wouldn't know na mayroon palang ganoong jeep route.

We didn't even update them kung saang banda na kami, etc.

When we arrived at the place, we met Diane's father outside, said our "Hi" and barged in the house without knocking (well the door's not locked).

The two......😂.....yes, the two......😂

They weren't able to do anything. 😂😂😂

Well, after a few seconds, they were at least able to hug us and say Happy Birthday. 😆

And ito ang bumungad sa amin:

JOC pa ang unang basa ko diyan. Haha

The first thing Clarisse and I did was take a photo of it and sat down to edit it. 😂

I am not sure if the information was spilled out to her as well but she didn't look surprised at all (in my eyes) and was even serious in editing photos on her phone. 😆

Looking back, we seemed awkward and funny as hell. HAHAHAHA!

But at least no cake had kissed the floor this time. 😅

And I appreciate all the preparations and effort you two had put in to do this supposed-to-be surprise birthday celebration. 😁

I am so sorry I can't act surprised. 😆

But I really appreciate you guys and everything. 😉😘

Sana pala naalala kong mag-uwi ng pagkain.

Charap charap. 😋

Grabbed the photo from Clarisse.
Again, thank you Diane and Jussel! Love lots ❤️

Nakaka-vain din 'tong camera ng phone ni Camille. 😁

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