Friday, October 12, 2018

Living My College Notes 😍

Another throwback.

Last year around March, I uploaded this image of my notes from when I was still in college.

And I declared that that will be my mission.

How am I doing now with my mission?

You can check out my old post here: Ways on How to Earn Money Online | Effective Nga Ba?

Surprisingly, as I read my post, I realized that I am living all of that as of this moment.


1. I am now working in the comfort of my home.

2. I....alam na. 😆

3. I work using our laptop and the internet.

4. I am growing plants in front of our house. (The new addition to our little garden are the bell peppers. It has been only 2 weeks and mga sprouts pa lang sila but I am going to update my Hatputito's Garden corner about how I grew them and will continue to document it. Watch out for that!)

5. And! I am still writing here on my blog!

Wow. Just wow.

Every day just seemed to be like an ordinary day but when I look back from where I was a year ago, I can see a huge change in my life.

God really works in mysterious ways. Like how? How did I get here even though it felt like I am not making any progress in my day to day life?

What did I do?

No, it is not me who did a thing, but it is HIM.

I just do every day whatever comes to mind, which I suppose is a message from Him (because how would I know?! xD).

I just always pray for His guidance every day.

Of course, I still commit some mistakes in life, but that's part of it.

That is where I learn.

And now I am experimenting on something.

The new option of GCash which is the-still-in-beta "GCash Invest Money", where selected users will be able to venture into professionally-managed funds for as low as P50, all through the GCash App.

I learned about this through GCash's advisory which they send me once in a while.

I am still conducting some research about it and will be registering around next week.

If I will be able to proceed with this, this might be my topic for next Friday's blog. 😉

That's all for now~


If you happen to be new to GCash, here's a PHP 70 worth of freebies for you to try it out:

Having trouble scanning the QR Code? You can visit it here.

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