Friday, November 16, 2018

VA Bootcamp | 2018 Christmas Sale!

VA Bootcamp is now on sale!

There is a 15% OFF Coupon code that you will see when you visit the VA Bootcamp website now.

Like this:

It may not be big of a deal for those who's gotten my affiliate coupon code before as I shared 2 coupon codes that time, one for a 10% discount and another one for a 15% discount for a total of 25% discount.

Just an update though, before, we were able to apply both codes at the same time upon checkout, but now, they restricted it to only one code per transaction. ☹️

So you can only choose one of the codes, which I bet will be the 15% one. 😆

So you better visit the website now to get the code.

Up till when is the Christmas sale available?

Not sure too, but if you are planning to enroll, better hurry as they continuously change the process of enrollment (just like what happened to the application of the codes which was now restricted to only one upon checkout).

If you are still unsure whether this course is for you, you can try and follow the Get Started Here tab first:

1. Watch a 5-day free course. (Which is what I did as well before I enrolled, the QBO course one for me. Though I don't see an option for QBO anymore. Focus on the VA course.)

2. Download the Newbie guide.

3. Interact with the staff on FB (or to me as well? Though I seldom post or comment in the group. I am a silent reader. Lol)

4. Join the VA Bootcamp

See you there!


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