Friday, November 30, 2018

Lazada | Scarf at Php 44

It's been a while since I bought something from Lazada.

Actually, I love to look and scroll at their deals, adding them to cart or keeping it to my wishlist....but haven't really been proceeding to checkout.

But my aunt liked the assorted scarves so I ordered.

It's not on the 11.11 sale though. It's actually after that, 16th of November.

But even though it's past Lazada's big sale, the delivery took a while.

Looking at the delivery detail, it was packed by the seller/warehouse the next day, 17th, but departed the logistics facility only on the 23rd.

It took them almost a week just to depart from the facility and fast was delivered on the 26th.

The thing I ordered on the 18th even arrived first on the 21st.

Alright, so how's the order?

It was okay.

It really is assorted but it wasn't one size.

They differ in width and length and style.

We ordered five and they are all in good condition, well sewn.

Except that, one of them have stains.

I'm not sure what kind of stain it is, but we'll just try to wash it off rather than bothering to return it.

But I'll name the seller here for your reference.

It was sold by MFfashion.

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