Friday, November 9, 2018

Experience | Happy Mango

It is one of those days again....

A day I cannot think of anything to share....

But I have my schedule that I need to stick to....

So again, you know the know what to expect. Lol
Yesterday, I got an invite from Jussel.

Mag-Happy Mango daw kami.

Being uncivilized and not knowing anything about the trend nowadays, go lang ang lola niyo to try it out.

Walang tanong tanong, um-oo na lang agad and sumibat na ng bahay after logging off from work and registering the group for Color Manila Run 2019.

At first glance, I thought people were just encircling inside, in front of the entrance of Robinsons Metroeast watching something down on the lower ground when I arrived.

Until I saw my friends there as well and then I realized it is a line of people wanting to buy that Happy Mango.

It is a kiosk in front of Jollibee. Pero kahit kiosk lang siya, there are a total of 5/6 people working there to meet the demand.

More than an hour din ang ipinila ni Jussel for that, fyi. XD

But seeing how people patiently fall in line to buy it, it made me think this must be good then.

You know that perception? Kung saan maraming pila, doon masarap.

And the verdict?




I don't know how to put it in words.

I can just easily describe it without using complicated words, I guess.

A sundae ice-cream with crushed graham and mango with condensed milk (or something) glazed in the sides of the cup.

That's the classic one.

Then there's this with Leche Flan and the other one's with Oreo.


What I can say was a nice experience, I guess? Lol

Surprising you with how simple it is and yet people are willing to fall in line and wait for an hour to buy it.

And seeing this reaction of Jussel 😂

Happy Mango is good. Don't get me wrong.

But maybe, sa edad namin, okay lang kumain nito paminsan minsan but not the kind of food that we will crave from time to time.

Like tama na sa aming nasubukan yun once. And that's it.

That kind of feeling. XD

Happy Mango will be there until the 30th, I think? Just can't remember if it is in November or December. I guess it is until this November.

If you want that kind of experience and a priceless reaction of your peers, I recommend this one. Lol


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