Friday, December 21, 2018

GCash | Cash In From PayPal Not Appearing on GCash

Last Friday, 14 December, I tried to Cash In from my PayPal to my GCash, para pocket money ko sana for our Pangasinan trip the following day.

But after I confirmed the amount that I am going to cash in, I got an error message in the GCash app.

So I tapped OK and tapped on Back to go to the Home screen sana, just to find out that the amount has been deducted from my PayPal balance. But it was not added to my GCash balance. 😳

Naka-receive na rin ako ng email confirmation from PayPal about the transaction.

But I have not received an SMS from GCash na nakapagCash In ako.

I tried to use the Report an Issue feature on the GCash app, but it is useless.

I logged in to my PayPal account to see the transaction, and yes, na-complete nga.

So I dialed 2882 (GCash hotline) to report the issue.

And guess what?

I am in queue....and will be attended in approximately 40 minutes.

But I have no choice..I waited in line kahit sabog pa yung music nila, while packing my things for our trip (we will be meeting up that night para makaalis kami ng madaling araw eh).

After 39 minutes of waiting in line, for goodness sake, may sumagot na.

I told her what happened, na nagcash in ako then nag-error kaya ibinack ko pero nabawas pa rin sa PayPal ko at hindi nadagdag sa GCash ko.

I gave her all the details she needed para maayos ang concern ko.

She asked for my complete name, birth date, my mobile number, and my latest GCash balance for verification purpose.

Then had to wait in line for few minutes again as she's validating if there really was a transaction happened between PayPal to GCash.

When she came back in line, she told me that there was no transaction in GCash' system na nakapagcash in ako.

So what she'll do, sabi niya, is she will be creating a report that will be sent to the higher ups na makikipagcoordinate kay PayPal about the issue.

She asked for the PayPal transaction ID (this can be seen in the transaction page when you click on the details of the transaction from your PayPal account), and about what time I did the transaction and my PayPal address.

Then she gave me a reference number that I will use to follow up after 3 working days.

I asked her kung may nangyari na bang ganitong issue before. She answered yes.

I asked kung nareresolve naman ba. She answered yes din.

I asked how long will it take to get it resolved, she answered it will take more than 3 working days. 😶

Finally, I asked for her name. She's Ryann Mae. (Actually paulit ulit yung mga tanong ko sa kanya para matandaan ko ung details saka ko naisipang magtake note. Hahaha) Buti she's accommodating enough to wait for me while I think for other queries na pwede kong itanong. Aba sulitin na, 39 minutes kong hinintay 'tong call na 'to.

After the call, I tried to send an email within the PayPal app to report the issue but it is not working either!

Then I remembered na nag-email na pala ako sa kanila before (yung concern ko about the 21-day holding period) so hinanap ko yung email na pinangreply nila sa akin at doon ako nagsend ng concern ko ngayon.

After all of that, since it's already Friday at may lakad pa kami, kinalimutan ko na lang muna yung tungkol sa concern ko hanggang dumating ang next week.

Monday ko na nabasa na nagreply pala sa email ko si PayPal.

So yun na nga. I'd have to wait until Wednesday (ika-3rd working day) to follow up regarding my concern. I was thinking na kapag hindi naresolve ni GCash yun after the timeline na binigay nila, saka ko gagawin yung option na binigay ni PayPal.

But plano ko magfollow up na lang ng Thursday para sure na lipas na ung 3 working days na sinabi ni Ms. Ryann Mae.

Come Wednesday, I received an email notification from PayPal that G-Xchange, inc has sent me a refund.

So ayun, naibalik na yung full amount sa PayPal balance ko.

At hindi pa natuto ang lola niyo.

I thought okay na ang system nila since naibalik na yung fund ko so I tried to cash in ulit kinagabihan dahil I have to pay for something.

This time hindi na siya nag-error, nagproceed na yung transaction.

Nabawas na rin kay PayPal ulit.


Hindi na naman pumasok sa GCash balance ko..... *face palm*

Hindi rin ako nakareceive ng SMS about the transaction.

So yeah, I had to go through the same process again.

Mas nagworsen nga lang ang paghihintay ko sa linya...I had to wait more than an hour before somebody finally picked up the call.

And he told me na hindi lang daw ako yung may ganoong concern ngayon. Marami daw nagrereport.

So ayun, same process, I gave the details, he gave me the reference number and now I am waiting for it to get resolved.

I asked him kung paano ko malalaman kung okay na mag-cash in from PayPal to GCash, kasi kako hindi naman ako nakareceive ng notification na may problema sila talaga.

But hindi ako nabigyan ng definite na answer about that.

Ang sinagot niya is yung sa concern ko, na makakareceive na lang daw ako ng SMS or call na naayos na yung issue ko.

And of course, I asked for his name, for reference. He's Nick, sabi niya. As usual tanong ulit ako ng tanong.

As of this writing, hindi pa naibabalik yung recent transaction ko. And naalala ko parang hindi ata ako natanong ni Nick kung ano ang PayPal address ko? 😮

Nagsend na lang ako ng chat sa GCash Care para i-add yun sa info. Not sure if it will work, but I will wait for any progress for now. I'm short of time para pumila uli sa queue ng GCash hotline today.

I'll update this kapag naibalik na ulit.

And this time natuto na ang lola niyo.

Hindi na muna ako magcacash in from PayPal to GCash hangga't wala akong natatanggap na advisory na okay na siya.

Ingat din guys. Huwag niyo 'ko tularan. 😅


Update: 23 December 2018

Got my money back from my 2nd transaction. Received an email from PayPal around 12:35AM about the refund.
Tama na ang dalawang beses na attempt. Will just wait for further notice kung naayos na nila ang bug or glitch or whatever they call it sa kanilang system then saka na lang ako magcacash in. XD


If you happen to be new to GCash, here's a PHP 70 worth of freebies for you to try it out:

Having trouble scanning the QR Code? You can visit it here.

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