Friday, December 7, 2018

PLDT | Fibr Plan Plus Additional Billing

When we were still using the DSL plan, we were paying P1,199 (Internet + landline + caller ID).

When we upgraded to Fiber plan 1899, still we are using the same service (Internet + landline + caller ID).

But as I took over the paying of the bill, I noticed we are paying more than what I was expecting.

We are paying P2,207 every month, with the following breakdown:

The first one I know, it is the handset that we bought last year and been paying for it every month.

Fibr Unli Plan 1899 is the internet. (I thought that the landline service was already included but when I asked PLDT rep last August, I was told it is separate)

This is what I was told:

So the landline service + caller ID is that Mega Bundle.

Now what I've been asking them for months now is that MYDSL CALLERS PACKAGE.

What does it service to? 

Hindi man lang nila sineen yung chat ko.

I've already talked to their customer rep on October and he himself doesn't even know what that is.

I've told them we've migrated to Fibr plan since May so what DSL service are they referring to?

I was told that he will create a support ticket about it but did not give me the ticket number. He said no need na daw. 😐

Come next month's billing (November), anak ng tokwa, meron pa rin.

This time it is my aunt who's talked to them thru the phone.

Ang sabi naman kay auntie is tatanggalin na nga raw nila yun since hindi nga rin masagot nung nakausap niya kung para saan ang service na yun na hindi rin naman namin nagagamit dahil nga hindi rin namin alam.

Hindi namin alam, hindi nila alam, walang nakakaalam, so bakit andiyan iyan?

Php 88.39 may be just a small amount but there's a VAT for it as well, so they are charging us Php 99 for a service we don't even know and use. And if you compute way back from June (start of Fibr plan billing) up to November, it's been 6 months.

We've already paid Php 594 for a service we don't know and they themselves don't even know too.

We'll see on the December billing if they've resolved the issue. And babantayan ko rin kung sisingilin pa kami ng mga iyan sa handset since we've completed the 1year payment for it this November. 

Lesson learned: Check check din ng bill guys, wag lang bayad ng bayad dahil lang may pambayad. 😅


Update as of 26 December 2018:
Finally, natanggal na yung MyDSL Callers package sa billing namin for December.

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