Saturday, March 2, 2019 on its 2nd Anniversary~!

Who would have thought? Hatputito is now on its 2nd year anniversary of having its own domain name!!!

I reread my blog post about my 1st year anniversary to get an idea of what to say today, but I ended up feeling "Uh-okay" after. 😆

Last year I wrote my celebratory post through my tablet because I accidentally spilled water on my laptop so the post ended up being bland with no image at all to brighten it up.

But I am truly thankful to that laptop because it held on up until this year before I decided to finally buy a new one. (But it is still working though! Just giving me a "Not Responding" time more often for the past months so I upgraded to a new one)

To be exact, my anniversary is on 27th February, but since it falls on a Wednesday, I decided to write about it in advance. (Which is actually being published later lol!)

And just last January, Namecheap already auto-renewed my domain through my GCash Mastercard.

The amount was automatically debited to my GCash account, so it was less of a hassle.

(Just forgot to look for discount codes!)

How do I celebrate this anniversary with a bang though?

I am currently formulating an additional page for my online shopping experience which will basically contain sellers/merchants I have bought items with which may give you an idea if it's worth to buy from them or not (if you happen to contemplate buying from them).

My habit is I search for what I need (or sometimes want), and look for the best price with good ratings between the choices, see the sellers ratings too and let that item sit to my cart for sometime.

Hindi ako sumasabay sa mga grand sales dahil ayoko lang. Hahaha

Most probably that page will be for Lazada because that's where I buy the most.

I realized that one of my blog's theme is online shopping but I am not sharing as much information about my experience with it, so yeah, I will live up to it.

What item categories will be my topic? You know me, I am random, so that will probably be random as well. 😂

This blog is so random, that's my sign.

Get use to it. 😆

There's so much going on in the background, I am learning different things be it from work or my hobbies so it may feel overwhelming sometimes to decide which I should do first.

So I decided to learn from each, one step at a time.

The page may take long before it gets live here, but it time.....probably...😅

Yung co-writer ko nga na inannounce ko since last year, wala pa ring naisusulat. 😆 Kahit draft man lang sana. But that person time....probably...😅

Anyways, maybe I'll just treat myself to a movie and buy something for the blog to celebrate its anniversary.

Thanks for visiting and reading my posts so far (surprisingly, my how-to's and bad experiences have the most views, guess you're here to look for answers huh, glad it helped you in some way).

Leaving comments are always free and will be much appreciated. Except sa mga spam.

(But I am not asking, in any of my blog posts, for your physical address, my dear readers 😆 so don't email me that, it shocked me.) lol

I wanted to give a token of appreciation to you guys, but I have no idea what's the perfect gift to give na madaling isend sa mga may maybe, I'll just give.....more valuable posts in the future na lang? HAHAHAHAHA




  1. Congrats on your blog's 2nd year anniversary. more random & travel posts to come!

    power! :)


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