Saturday, June 1, 2019

PLDT | Fibr After A Year of Use

So I said last week that my posts in the coming weeks might be about my online purchases from Lazada. 😅

But this post is scheduled for today as our Fibr plan turns one year and I want to share my experience about it.

Later na lang yung mga online purchases ko. Haha

Pinunasan ko na yan sa lagay na yan for the sake of this post. Lol

So how's my experience with PLDT Fibr?

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And this one which is worth noting:

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After a year of use, I can only remember a significant downtime happened once.

Fortunately it happened beyond my working hours.

Even when the device's WiFi lights were on, we can't connect to the internet.

I tried the basic troubleshooting of restarting the modem but it didn't work.

Checked the wired connections as well but everything's fine.

So I had to call the customer service for assistance.

What's funny is that it is obvious that the customer representative is following an outdated troubleshooting guideline because I was asked to turn off my modem (you know, that basic troubleshooting I already did) and wait for 20 seconds before I turn it back on.

I answered her that if I do that, I will get disconnected from the line because with Fibr, the landline is connected with the modem too. *face palm* That's a disadvantage of Fibr.

But I informed her too that I already did that before I called and it didn't solve the problem.

If I remember it right, she then conducted their very familiar protocol which is what they always say when there is a connection problem, she did a "remote line testing".

Turned out that their linemen were doing some work with their =can't remember their term but let's just say "lines" outdoor= so that's what is causing the interruption.

It was fixed afterwards.

Other than that, I can't remember any other issues which is significant enough to share.

Maybe I will just point out again that disadvantage with the landline connection.

Although it is not PLDT's fault anymore when we experience power interruption, but it is worth noting that when that happens, I can't use our landline as it is connected with the modem which is plugged in to the power outlet, unlike with DSL that uses wired connection from PLDT.

As for the internet connection, I am satisfied with it.

No problem with buffing when watching videos at 1080p.

Uploading and downloading is easy-peasy as well.

Facetime all you want din. 😆

With games, we are not a heavy user so it is not a problem.

Checked its speed today and here's the result from Speedtest:

Hindi ko talaga crinop para makita niyong ngayong araw lang iyan. Hahaha
So yeah, that's about it for today.

I won't commit for next week's blog post na lang, baka may maisingit na naman akong ibang topic. 🤣


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