Saturday, June 22, 2019

Lazada | Angel Stuff Mini Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Since I said from my previous post that I bought a new keyboard to replace the existing one, yes, yes, today's post is about that. 😆

I ordered this on 11 June and got delivered on 13 June.

As usual, I used the GCash code for a 10% discount and paid Php 545 in total.

 It was bubble-wrapped.

Will need a total of four (4) AAA batteries for both keyboard and mouse. The receiver is stored in the keyboard.

Both the keyboard and mouse are very slim indeed which is a plus for me. Such a space saver in the bag.

The mouse looks cheap but the keyboard is not as light as I expected.

It is heavier than it looks.

I really like its built and it is soft touch too as what the other customer has said in her review.

Better than my previous one, but I'm still looking for a smoother experience.

Although it is soft touch, there are times that the letters get doubled and some delay in typing (not that much, maarte lang ako).

And I haven't really looked at the product photo in Lazada, so I just discovered as I was using it that it has NO PAGE UP AND PAGE DOWN function/button which I mostly use!

I should have just bought my first choice which is a Rapoo product or the second one which is a Logitech hadn't I been stingy with spending more.

I realized my stinginess as I gave my previous keyboard to my little brother.

You know what he did? He bought rechargeable batteries almost close to the price of that keyboard!

Muntik pang maging mas mahal yung battery kaysa sa mismong keyboard. Haha

Pero mas tipid na nga naman iyon kaysa bibili pa siya ng disposable batteries every time.

And I discovered he is already using a rechargeable wireless mouse. (I honestly didn't know that a mouse like that existed. What world have I been living in? Tipid na naman sa battery.)

And his wooden laptop table na matagal ko ng nililigawan, doble pala ng presyo ng cooling pad na nabili ko. Kaya naman pala ayaw talaga ibigay. Hahaha Nalaman ko dahil mayroon na rin sa Lazada which he recommended that I buy.

I used his table when I came home and worked there for one (1) day. And I really liked it.

But this post should be about the keyboard I recently bought so let's go back to that. Lol

For now I'll just deal with it and use it in my day to day typing activities.

Who knows? Those keyboards that I've been eyeing to might go on sale some time? 😝

But nonetheless, I'll stick to this for now.

The mouse is good kahit parang cheap yung built niya, it's really light kahit yung pag-click, almost no sound.

The keyboard as well, yung Page Up and Page Down button/function lang talaga, but all's good so far.

I am really learning from my brother's attitude.

I won't compromise quality over price for my needs next time.

Except for the anik anik na mga nabibili ko. Lol


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