Saturday, June 29, 2019

Lazada | MeetBeauty Ionic Hairbrush

From electronics, let’s jump to a random item I bought from Lazada. Haha

I just saw a Facebook ad which is kind of interesting for me, as a girl.

This was the original product I saw: Ionic Breeze

Having a long, frizzy hair, it caught my attention how this comb tames those frizz easily.

Being curious I checked the ad out but as you may have known, those ads from Facebook costs much, and this likewise.

So I searched Lazada for a cheaper one and found this:
Meet Beauty's product has a long name but I'll still write it here:

"Portable Electric Ionic Scalp Massaging Caring Brush Vibration Massage Comb Hairbrush"

I placed my order on 03 April and it was priced at Php 474, plus shipping fee.

This ships from overseas and it arrived on 10 April.

Disclaimer though, this do not straighten hair and it wasn’t indicated in their product description too.

This is a scalp massager which nourishes hair and relieves pressure.

According to their description:

  • It helps relieve fatigue and improve sleep quality
  • Promote blood circulation of the scalp layer, relieve the pressure on the head
  • Long-term use can effectively reduce hair loss, relieve headaches and dizziness

This comb needs 2 AAA batteries to operate.

So, how was it for me?

As I tried it, my hair feels silky smooth after.

My mistake is, I was expecting that it will tame my frizz but it didn’t.

But I shouldn’t be disappointed because as I re-read their product description, hindi nga naman pala talaga nila nabanggit yon doon. 🤦‍♀️

So that’s my fault for not paying attention to detail. Lol

This is my hair after brushing it with this product.
But I noticed that if I use it in the evening before I go to sleep, nati-tame pa rin naman niya pagkagising ko at parang mas maganda yung buhok ko. Woke up like this lang ang peg. Haha

In the end, it sticks to its description, it nourishes the hair and it’s relaxing.

For me though, it is relaxing to use when I am stressed out or when I am thinking too much, it really relieves the pressure on my head.

But! When I use it when I am totally relaxed to begin with, it feels like it has an opposite effect. I get headache! Weird! Or maybe it is just me. But yeah.

So I use it as a normal brush for normal days and just switch it on when I need to relax and to massage my head.


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