Saturday, July 13, 2019

FarmOn | 23rd Cycle Opening

I was not informed beforehand that the opening for the 23rd cycle is right around the corner.

I was actually surprised to see this Wednesday that it is already open!

Checked their Facebook page and there’s indeed a post about it. (Obviously I’m not browsing Facebook regularly)

If not for a friend who wants to register to FarmOn, I wouldn’t have known.

And after he has registered, right then and there we placed product request for Squash (Growers), particularly in Echague Farm.

Same with the last cycle, even though it’s been days already since they opened the new cycle, the crops hadn’t even reached 50% in funding.

Seems like a lot of FarmOners have really withdrawn their funds and looked for a better one.

Or maybe they have invested it to FarmOn 2.0 instead.

And maybe a lot of interested investors were shooed off because of the Php 300 registration fee for new accounts.

As usual, lots of Rice in each farm.

Still no shorter term than the Squash.

As of this writing I have yet to receive my contract.

I still want to comment here to make the post longer, but my mind's been drained as of the moment so I'll leave it here for now.


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