Saturday, July 6, 2019

Lazada | ITOP NotePal ErgoStand (Cooling pad for laptop)

ITOP notepal ergostand notebook stand cooling pad for laptop

One problem I have when working is my posture. 

I slouch a lot and it gives me backache at the end of the day.

And one problem that my laptop has is it gets hot when used throughout the day especially during the dry season (“summer” sa iba).

So as a shopper of Lazada, lol, I searched for an adjustable cooling stand and found a lot of choices.

After pondering for a while which one to buy, I settled with ITOP’s ergostand notepal.

Back then, it costs Php 260, as checked it is now down to Php 245.

I placed my order on 06 February and it got delivered on 08 February. I paid P310 in total, Php 50 shipping fee included.

Of course for the price, what would you expect? It kind of looks cheap and parang madaling masira and it is very light.

But one thing I appreciate with this is the adjustable stand. 

It somehow improved my posture while working, at least eye-level na yung laptop ko sakin.

It has a cooling fan as well which is not that strong but it does its job naman.

I’ve been using it for five (5) months now and so far so good.

Malambot din naman yung support sa laptop.

I haven’t got any problems with it as yet.

I only have problem with myself right now, HAHAHAHA, as I am wanting to buy that wooden laptop table similar to my brother but a little more expensive than his (because this one has a built-in cooling fan while his doesn’t have that).

And there will be a mid-year sale on 12th of July...

What to do? 


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