Saturday, July 20, 2019

FarmOn | Payment Process 23rd cycle

It's been years since the last time I added funds to my FarmOn account.

The reason is that I am just reinvesting my existing fund.

But because my available balance fell short to cover my 23rd cycle investment, I had to add a some.

And there I discovered their new process for the payment of investment (or maybe it was just really added for this new cycle?)

It took them one (1) week to send my contract from the date I placed my order.

And when I opened it in the Message Center, this is what is says:

There's an added Payment Form in their message.

I checked it out and this is where it leads you to:

So basically, after sending the payment to them, we'll have to fill up this payment form.

Under the Payment Type, the choices are Local Bank (Bank deposit), BDO Online Banking and Online Fund Transfer or Remittance.

For the Transaction or Reference #, the See samples will be your guide. There's a lot of samples there, just scroll to the right to see what fits yours.

The rest are pretty self-explanatory.

Since I used Online Banking, I just filled up the Bank/Remittance Name & Location as "BDO Online Banking" (not sure if that field is required) 😆

Just don't forget to attach your proof of payment.

And after submitting the payment details, this is what it said:

So now I am still waiting for their confirmation of my payment.

Don't forget to send back your signed contract as well.


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