Saturday, February 29, 2020

PRC License Renewal still as easy as 1, 2, 3 with a Catch!

It's been a while!!!! This is so late of a blog post but I need to post it no matter what!! 😆

This is my second time renewing my license.

You can read my first renewal here: PRC License Renewal at Robinsons Galleria as easy as 1, 2, 3!

It is still as easy as 1, 2, 3 but there's a can't choose your own schedule anymore nor can you walk-in. You have to do it online and go to your scheduled date and time to claim your I.D.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Schedule your appointment at

Step 2. Go to your scheduled appointment venue to submit the required documents and pay the necessary fees (or you can pay online as you made your appointment).

Step 3. Wait for your new PIC ID. And that's it!

Sounds simple and easy, yes?

I'll detail it below one by one.

1. Schedule your appointment at

As what's said in the screenshot, "Please be informed that the previous user accounts from are no longer active. Register a new account at".

That is fortunate as I can't remember my account in their old website anymore.

You can check out their step by step procedure on registering online.

The details you fill in are the usual information. You will just need to upload a photo for your profile which is what they will use for your I.D. as well.

When your profile is ready, you can click on "Select Transaction" to book your appointment.

Choose "Renewal", fill in the details and proceed.

You can then choose which PRC Regional Office you want to go to.

The thing is, you can choose on the list of offices, but you can't choose what date and time you want. It will automatically display the earliest date and time available on the selected office as well as the information such as the new expiration date of your PIC and the amount you are going to pay.

You can choose to reschedule but it is still very limited and they are only available during weekdays.

Click on Proceed and this will appear:

There are lots of payment channels available to pay the amount, in my case I chose to pay via PRC-Cashier as I am not really sure if I could come in my scheduled appointment. 😅

You can choose to pay on the following:

Upon clicking on the Submit button, the successful confirmation will appear:

Just click on "Click to go Back", go to the "Existing Transaction" tab and print the document.

Now you just have to wait for your scheduled appointment to come.

2. Go to your scheduled appointment venue to submit the required documents and pay the necessary fees (or you can pay online as you made your appointment).

Since I couldn't go personally, my boyfriend volunteered to claim my ID. 😄

Things needed:
- Printed Document (should be signed)
- Authorization letter
- my old PIC and representative's ID (for verification)
- CPD certificates (they only need the photocopies but he gave my original copies which is alright because it is available online, thanks to Accelera)

My scheduled time was 8:00-9:00 AM but he came to the regional office past 9:00 AM! Oh boy!😆

Fortunately PRC Rosales was not that busy that day and were fully open to accommodate him.

BUT! He came wearing shorts and slippers which is against their dress code so he was prohibited to come in!

He was asked to buy clothes and closed shoes at the nearest market but that would just cost him more so he asked if he can just come back the next day even if the schedule is today.

At that time one of the staff was so kind enough to process my documents voluntarily as my boyfriend waited outside.

The staff took the payment and handed it over to the cashier as well.

(Or pwede ka rin daw makisuyo sa ibang applicants na isabay na lang nilang iprocess yung sa'yo)

3. Wait for your new PIC ID. And that's it!

It took less than an hour for him to claim my ID (if my memory serves me right).

And the staff did it without anything in return.

Kudos to you!

And a special thank you to my love for doing it in my stead. 😘

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