Saturday, April 11, 2020

Hatputito in Quarantine

This is bad. My blog post schedule is turning into a monthly one or maybe less often than a month. 😆

Apologies if I have not been posting weekly this year.

I have a lot on my plate and been balancing between work and life.

How's your life by the way?

How are you coping up with all this Covid-19 hysteria?

Especially that the Enhanced Community Quarantine has been extended to 30th of April?

During this time it made me realize how blessed I am with the setup I have.

If you think about it, I have been in "quarantine" for years now since I started freelancing.

I have been working from home and rarely go outside, except last year when I started going out more often during the weekend.

But nothing's really changed much these days for me, except again that auntie is with me all day now because offices were closed down during this quarantine period.

I have started to learn about insurance last January 2020 as well, took and passed the license exams and now still gaining knowledge and insights about it at the moment before I put it into practice.

As much as I want to share with you the protection and financial planning you'll get from insurance, I would like to try it on myself first and explore Philam Life's products before I make a blog post about it.

So let's leave it for later.

Not much has changed on my daily routine except that I can feel our stocks at home are slowly running out.

You have the money to buy but can't go out.

But with the help of auntie's friends and their family who remembers to ask and include us whenever they are going out to buy for basic needs, and with our LGU in Cainta who are working hard and smart every day and keep thinking of new ways on how they can help their constituents, we are surviving.

God provides indeed. 😊

Not only here in the Philippines but all over the world, are facing this crisis.

Lock-downs everywhere, even where my client is.

And even though we work online, my client's clients have physical businesses who're forced to close down during this pandemic.

So now, everyone who can work from home are doing so.

Business as usual for us, accountants, but we can feel the weight of this situation as well when the customers are temporarily suspending their payments while billers are chasing for payments.

Cash-flow for businesses has never been this critical.

And if businesses are finding ways to survive, how much more are the people?

Listening to news or even browsing my timeline has never been so stressful, seeing how people are stubborn and hard-headed during this time, taking advantage of the situation, and other negative articles they are sharing.

Amidst all these negativity though, it is nice to see some good things and positive vibes which makes it hopeful for us that this will all pass, the cooperation, compassion and discipline that others perform are really inspiring which I do hope we all follow so that this can be resolved as soon as possible.

Come to think of it, we have given the Earth time to heal as well during this quarantine. Pollution is much lesser than usual, the environment has time to cope up too, lots of quiet times which I am actually loving.

Ang dami diyan buryong buryo na sa bahay sa katahimikan at wala ng magawa, but here I am having the time of my life in a peaceful state.

Well I am in this state already even before this global crisis though, medyo nawawala nga lang minsan.

So in summary, Hatputito is in quarantine and I have a more excusable excuse now to post lesser. 😝

Actually I can't come up with a topic or experience to share as yet, that's why.

Aside from my work and insurance-learning, I have been into playing Mobile Legends more frequently, bonding kay boyfie pa more.😝

And with this quarantine, there's nothing much to do that I can share with you.

Maybe I can search my groups about what they have gone through and how they have managed to surpass it and I will create a blog post about it, basically things or topics that I usually post about and think would be relevant to you e.g. about freelancing, PayPal or GCash issues, etc. para makatulong man lang sa mga nagsisearch ng pang-troubleshoot.

So yeah, Hatputito will still be thinking on how and what she will do to make the most of this.

As for now, have a Blessed Holy Week y'all and Happy Easter (still for tomorrow but yeah, advance!).

Stay safe, healthy and well everyone~!


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