Saturday, June 20, 2020

Lazada | I Spent 3K on 6.6 Bounce Back Sale 😱

I can't count how many times in a year Lazada has put on a Big Sale, I just know that every quarter you should expect that there will be one.

Of course, every day is a flash sale for Lazada but the big sale events that they put up usually have lower prices than the everyday flash sale and even more deals.

And on the 6th of June, I succumbed to temptation. 😆

But hey, the things that I bought, most of it are already on my cart, just waiting for the right time to buy it.

First on my list is for my aunt, lightning cables for her iPad and iPhone.

Yes, both of her cables are torn already.

Imagine how often she uses it to finally give out.

I chose VEGER VP12 iPhone Cable 2.0A 1 Meter Fast Charge, Php 60 each, I bought 2 pcs.

I got an unexpected call from VEGER after a few days though that they ran out of stock of my order and they were offering me to be upgraded to VEGER VP22 2.0A, P249 worth. 

That is what I received, 2 pcs, at no additional cost. The cable is short though. But this would do. At least I still received the right quantity, even though this is worth Php 249 per pc and I only paid for the original price of my order totaling Php 120.

Next from my order is 2 pcs of Arctic Air Ultra Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner.

It is undeniably hot during the dry season and it was still dry season when the sale came out.

We were also experiencing frequent brownouts during the evening back then we had trouble sleeping at night fanning ourselves to feel cooler while getting back our sleep.

So when I saw this, I added it to my cart to wait for the right time to checkout.

It was priced at Php 749 each.

All working and in good condition when it arrived, I just felt like it should be priced at Php 500 instead because of the quality of the materials used.

But what is good about this is it uses USB cable, so you can plug it in the outlet or in a power bank, so we can still use it during a power interruption.

Of course, it will be useless if we don't have power banks, so I bought 2 pcs of Pineng PN-939 20000 mAh for Php 599 each.

I already have a power bank myself, but I am saving it for the gadgets.

I thought it would be good to buy a separate power bank specifically intended for the air cooler.

And you can't argue with me anymore because it's already here. 😜

I didn't expect it to be this big though.

Finally, to close it to Php 3,000, I bought Bavin 3.0 Qualcomm Quick Charger for my boyfriend, which costs Php 250.

I actually tried it and it indeed charges quickly I wanted to keep it for myself. 😝

So here's the total of all of my orders:

But as you can see, I only paid a total of Php 160.06, which is the shipping fee (net of the Php 50 shipping fee discount) plus the .06 left after applying all the vouchers. 😆

The Php 65.94 is from the Seller promotions meaning if you reached the minimum amount or something from their store, you will get a discount.

And the Php 3,000 Platform promotion is a birthday gift voucher I received from my client last year, which I finally got to spend during this event because I can only use it once and I haven't thought of anything that would make me want to spend 3K on Lazada so it took me a while to use it. 😁

Anyhow, I am happy with everything I bought and I think this is a birthday gift well spent. 👌


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