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Philam | Earn By Using Vitality

So after checking out Philam's insurance products, I finally created my very first insurance plan last 26 May 2020 and probably won't be the last.

I chose AIA Critical Protect (ACP) 100 which includes:

1. Life Insurance coverage until age 100 (so I am covered until age 100. If something happens to me, the beneficiaries will receive the Face amount, or in case I live up to age 100, I will receive the maturity benefit of my insurance plan) This is guaranteed!

2. Major Critical illness and Minor Critical illness coverage until age 100 for 100 Major/Minor Critical Illnesses (so I will receive a cash benefit in case I am diagnosed with any of the 100 Major/Minor Critical illness. This will be helpful especially as we age, we are more prone to different kinds of illnesses and what I like about this plan is I am covered until age 100 unlike other plans which only covers critical illnesses only up until age 65/75 if I'm not mistaken so if you got diagnosed at age 80, you won't get this benefit anymore in other insurance plans) This is guaranteed! ✅

3. Gender-Specific Cancer Benefit (this is an optional benefit in the plan that I got, you can opt it out if you don't want to. But I included it on my plan. So if I am diagnosed with gender-specific cancer which for females are: Breast cancer, Cervical cancer, Ovarian cancer, Uterus Cancer, Fallopian Tubes cancer, Vagina/Vulva cancer, I will receive an additional cash benefit apart from the Major Critical illness benefit that I will receive) This is guaranteed! ✅

4. Recovery Benefit (this is an optional benefit as well in case you are diagnosed, you will receive an additional cash benefit for your recovery. I am just mentioning it here but I opted it out from my plan) This is guaranteed! ✅

5. Philam Vitality (this is what I most like about my plan which this post is all about and I will share further about my experience with this below 😃)

6. Cash Surrender Value (I chose the 20-year pay policy. So I am going to pay for my insurance for 20 years, and I will be covered until age 100. But just in case I cannot afford to pay anymore within that 20-year pay period, I can cancel my insurance policy and will receive a cash amount) This is guaranteed! ✅

So now, let's dig in on my experience about Philam Vitality so far in my 2 weeks of using it. This week is not included yet as I haven't achieved the target points yet. 😅

As you may have noticed, I did not give it a This is guaranteed! ✅ tag because the benefits you will receive from this will depend on your performance.

I have mentioned in my very first post about insurance that Philam Vitality gives benefits such as cash rewards or its equivalent, which will depend on your health performance like the physical exercise that you do, etc, to make you live healthier, longer, and better.

Philam Vitality gives a 20% upfront boost on ACP 100's Life insurance/Major CI benefit, Minor CI benefit, and Gender-Specific benefit. So let's just say you have Php 1M Life insurance/Major CI benefit, Philam Vitality will give an additional Php 200,000 coverage, so you will have a total of Php 1.2M. Same goes for the other benefits mentioned.

The additional coverage can range from 0 to 50% depending on your Philam Vitality Status at the end of the policy year.

On top of the coverage boost that Philam Vitality gives, you are also entitled to rewards with PhP200.00 in money equivalent upon initial use and PhP200.00 per week or PhP10,400.00 per annum for every time you meet the target exercise.

As simple-minded as I am, I am attracted to the cash rewards! HAHAHA

In my 2 weeks of usage, I already received Php 600 in total (Php 200 upon initial use and Php 200 each for the 2 weeks that I have been achieving the target points of exercise) which I transferred to my GCash account.

Philam Vitality has an annual membership of Php 1,200, so if I get the weekly Php 200 for the whole year, I will earn Php 9,200 net (10,400 less 1,200) just by meeting the target points of physical exercise every week. 

I have never been this motivated to exercise to meet that goal. Lol!

I have already tried to include exercising as my regular routine in the past but I eventually lost it.

Maybe because yeah after you reached your ideal weight, now what? Maintain it? To be honest that is hard for me. After reaching my goal, I would probably stop it, then gain weight again then start over again.

But with Philam Vitality's weekly rewards, I have high hopes that I will maintain this just to earn. HAHAHA

If you are not attracted to the Php 200 weekly cash rewards, there is an equivalent for it:

But I don't use Grab much often as I did before.

I don't load much as well.

I seldom watch movies at the cinema.

And I am avoiding coffee or tea.

So I am really up for the cash rewards Lol! But if one of them suits you, feel free to choose it.

By earning Vitality points from my health activities, I am building up my Philam Vitality Status.

The range of discounts depends on your Philam Vitality Status which actually has four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The higher your status, the greater your rewards such as:

1. Enjoy up to 35% off on Philippine Airlines booking
2. Enjoy up to 20% off insurance premiums (on Philam life/BPI-Philam)
3. Enjoy 15% off on Enchanted Kingdom's admission
4. Enjoy Php 50 off a ticket at SM Cinemas
5. Enjoy up to 35% off on Seda Hotels bookings

You can check out their list of partners here for discounts.

I chose to pay my insurance premium annually at Php 25,565 with all these benefits and coverage.

And with Philam Vitality, it would just net down to Php 16,365 annually (25,565 less 9,200 if I earn all the weekly cash rewards which I would really really work towards to).

That would just be Php 1,363.75 monthly or Php 46 a day of spend for my insurance which will give me a lifetime benefit! I used "lifetime" because how many of us only reach age 100, right?

If the Php 46 per day is still much for you, and I am still continually learning the products, there would be a product that would very much fit for you, lower than the Php 46 per day, the benefits would vary though.

Insurance is very flexible. You just have to identify your goals and fit it within your limit and budget.

But this is so exciting I want to share with you! Not publicly though because other competitors might read this. 😝

You can reach out via the Contact Me form on the right side of the screen and let us figure out what best suits you!

But no problem if you don't plan to avail yet, you are not required to. It is totally fine if you just want to know about the products more, I'll be happy to share it with you. So that you can have an idea.

So far that is my experience with my insurance plan.

Philam Vitality nailed it for me. Lol


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