Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter 2022~! 🐰

After 2 years, we, Catholics, were finally able to physically attend the church activities this Holy Week.

I missed this. 🙂

Maunday Thursday, we attended the mass and did the Visita Iglesia, natapos kami past 10PM.

There was no Alay Lakad. Hindi pa rin ata allowed dahil pa rin sa pandemic.

Good Friday, mass again at 3PM, the difference from the usual though was that there was still no procession.

Black Saturday, we attended the Easter Vigil at 8PM and ended at past 10PM.

Ito yung nilu-look forward ko talaga every Easter.

I am fascinated by the set up and how the vigil is done.

At the start, all of the lights are off.

Kung dadaan ka sa simbahan, you will think na sarado ito at walang kaganapan.

Then there will be the blessing of the fire.

Everyone will hold their candles at doon sa Easter canlde magmumula ang apoy na ipangsisindi sa lahat ng kandila.

First half of the readings, the lights are still off, the altar is bare.

Total of the readings are seven plus the Epistle and the Gospel.

Then come the second half, the lights will turn on, the mother butlers will come in in pair and decorate the altar as the choir are singing praise. This is my favorite part.

There will also be the blessing of the water and renewal of baptism.

Salubong, which was usually done at the dawn of Easter Sunday, was done right after the Easter Vigil, so I was able to witness it for the first time last night. 😀

Ganun pala yun. 😅

Then come Easter Sunday, since almost all the rituals and sacraments were already done last night, we just heard the mass online.

And maghahanda na kami for the feast of the Resurrection, so yeah.

Tsibugan naaaa~ 😆

Happy Easter everyone~!

I hope we all got and always get nourished physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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