Sunday, October 16, 2022

GFiber Unli Plan 50% Off - Switcher Exclusive Part 2

 So continuing with our GFiber application, it got approved on Oct 12, Wednesday, by notifying us via email and text message.

Then the following day, they informed us via text message that the installer would be coming.

The installer called my aunt (as her number is the primary contact) to say they are on their way and that we would have to prepare a payment of Php 849.50.

Medyo nagduda ako nung ni-relay sa amin ni auntie ito because we were expecting to pay Php 1,049.50 (50% of the 2099 plan which we have to pay on installation).

The installer arrived at 10 am and did their installation thing, and at the end, he told us the internet connection’s speed would be up to 150 Mbps.

I was shocked. 😳

I told them we applied for the 2099 plan, which promises up to 300 Mbps speed, but he showed us the job order they got which was for a 1699 plan only.

Fast forward from the talking, he contacted CBS, which I believe is the same CBS escalation team from Viber, and he said he submitted the report and would take around 30 mins to 1 hr to get a resolution so he would just return by then.

He returned after lunch, I think, and he told us that we would need a new job order to fix our issue and it might take around a week.

We told them we’ll wait for the new job order and would decline the newly installed 1699 plan because that is not what we applied for.

So yeah, we didn’t pay the Php 849.50 and they just left the modem, etc as is.

Come next day, we got a text message again that an installer would come by.

It was the same person as yesterday.

I don’t know what he told my hubby, but he just did his thing outside our house and told us afterward to test the internet.

I tested the 5g connection via Ookla which exceeded 300 Mbps, then the 2.4g which was around 50-60 Mbps.

Sorry, I forgot to screenshot it.

I asked the installer up to what speed the 2.4g and he said up to 60-70 Mbps (if my memory serves me right).

Same from PLDT, 2.4g is slower but has a wider range, while 5g is much faster but with a limited range.

We paid Php 1,049.50 and he left.

Here are the results of the Speedtest by Ookla tonight.

These are the test results while I was downstairs where the modems were (plan 2099 for Globe, plan 1899 for PLDT).

And these are the result while I was upstairs. 

Let me know what you think.



My aunt got a message from PLDT right after the installation of Globe, offering some freebies like a mesh, etc. if we will renew our subscription with them, which would mean we would get locked up for another 24 months with them.

Huwaw, nakakaramdam na ba sa mga subscribers nila?

At lumakas din bigla ang internet connection namin at biglang bumaba ang ping? 

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