Thursday, April 27, 2023

PRC License Renewal 2023

Image by Pacholek-cz from Pixabay 

So after my successful change of status and name due to marriage and finishing the Accelera CPD bundle course that I enrolled into, I was able to renew my license.

There are things that I would like to note though because some experiences were different than what I've read from comments or posts:

1. Renewing your license online and get it delivered to you. - Yes, it is possible, but the delivery service is only available for NCR, Region IV-A, Region IV-B and Region V as yet.

2. You can upload your CPD certificates while renewing online. - Nope. I thought I could use PRC's shipping service since I'm in Region IV-A, but it was only available for people who are going to execute an undertaking and there was no other option to upload my CPD certificates. 

3.You would need to create a new account for your married name, and you will maintain two (2) PRC accounts. - Nope. When I tried to create a new account with my married name, it prompted me that I already have an account. So, I logged in with my old account, and it sure was already updated with my married name. So, no need to create another account.

With that, here are the steps that I took to renew my license last April 03, 2023.

First, I scheduled an appointment with PRC.

And second, I went to my chosen Appointment place, submitted the required documents, and waited for my new PRC ID.

Let's expound that.

Getting an Appointment

1. I logged in to my PRC account (

2. Clicked on Select Transaction on the upper right corner (if using the desktop version).

3. Selected Renewal and filled in my profession and PRC License number. (Just make sure you have double checked your details already before setting up an appointment with them, because the details you have on your PRC account is what they are going to use with your new PRC ID. Be sure to update your photo too! You can use your phone to take your photo, but make sure you take it with a white background.)

4. Filled in the additional details as below. 

- I didn't avail the shipping service because I don't want to take an undertaking. I already completed my certificates and I have no choice but to submit it physically.

- Selecting a preferred PRC regional office was quite a challenge because the slots were always fully booked with the offices near me. I had to check it every now and then until there was an available slot.

- No option to select my preferred date and time though. Once I've selected my preferred office, they automatically chose the schedule for me. There is an option to reschedule, but I didn't explore that thoroughly. When I clicked on it, it asked for a reason of the reschedule, so nevermind.

- The fee was automatically calculated for me.

5. Selected the payment channel.

I chose GCash. It had an additional Php 8 as a convenience fee.

6. Submitted the transaction so that I can continue with the payment.

I didn't tick this "Declaration and Attestation" statement because I wasn't going to execute an undertaking. I left it be and submitted my application.

7. I got redirected to GCash to process the payment and paid a total of Php 638.

8. I took a screenshot of the Reference details. But it can also be accessed by going back to your PRC account and selecting Existing Transaction.

After getting an appointment, I prepared the following to bring on my appointment date:

1. Printed my CPD certificates

2. Printed my renewal form. You can download this when you select the Existing Transaction tab as above and click on Print Renewal Form.

Going to the Scheduled Appointment

My appointment time was 11:00 AM but because of the heavy weekday traffic, we left the house early. Yup, hubby accompanied me. 😁

We arrived at Robinsons Galleria at 10AM and went straight to the PRC office.

Ang dami na agad tao!

They have a security guard who assists the applicants.

I went to him to check if I have all the requirements. 

He asked me what transaction I have.

After telling him that it's for renewal, he gave me a number and sent me to a waiting room with the other applicants (siyempre sumama na rin sa akin si hubby. πŸ˜†Buti maraming upuan doon).

There were 2 kinds of numbered paper: one for the examinees, and another one for renewal.

So, there were like 2 queues as well.

Unlike my previous experience, it took me more than an hour for my renewal this time.

It was already 11AM when I got in in the PRC office, and pila pa rin doon.

Buti talaga inagahan na namin. Kung 11AM mismo kami dumating, ewan ko na lang kung hanggang anong oras kami aabutin...

Pakaba kaba pa ako noon kasi yung katabi ko sa kaliwa ko, may dala pang photocopy ng expired niyang PRC ID.

Eh I only have my real expired ID with me.

Nag-aalala ako na baka hingan ako nun tapos kakailanganin kong magpaphotocopy pa, tapos pipila na naman ako...

But fortunately, they only took the documents I prepared: the certificates and the renewal form.

They had me fill in a logbook, and by the time I finished writing, they handed me my new PRC ID. πŸ™Œ

The transaction with them was still fast as before, but the waiting time bago makapasok sa office nila ang nagpatagal.

Mas marami na rin kasing tao talaga ngayon na nagpunta kumpara noon.

If there weren't so many, I would have finished within 5 minutes or less! Because I only had to hand over my documents, fill in a logbook, and get my new ID right after I wrote.


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