Tuesday, April 23, 2024

I Got a 7-Eleven Gift Card For Just Browsing the Internet!

 Did you know that you can earn points just by browsing the internet and redeem it with gift cards?

Microsoft has this feature when you log in your Microsoft account in the Edge browser.

You can get rewarded for doing what you love to do. Just search, shop, or play with Microsoft to start earning points!

As of this writing, they currently have 20 list of items that you can redeem your points for.

It includes Roblox Digital card, Gift Cards for 7-Eleven, SM Gift Pass, Zalora, Max's, Krispy Kreme, Vikings, Robinsons, GCash, and so many more!

The Gift Cards ranges from Php100 to Php1,000. With Php100 for 2,495 points and Php1,000 for 23,180 points.

You can check the complete list here: Microsoft Rewards redemption catalog (bing.com)

As for me, I now have earned 2,837 points in my personal Microsoft account and would like to redeem the Php100 7-Eleven Gift card for 2,495 points as a test.

As per the description of the item, it will be credited to my CLIQQ mobile wallet which can be used to pay for physical goods at any 7-Eleven stores.

Since I don't have a CLIQQ mobile wallet yet, I went to the Google Playstore and installed the CLIQQ by 7-Eleven app. 

Registration was easy.

I just entered my mobile number on the app, entered the OTP that I received and viola, I now have an account.

I also added my personal info such as my name, gender, birthdate, and email address on the app just in case I'll need to retrieve my wallet balance in the future.

It also asked me to create a 4-digit PIN for additional security.

Now it's time to redeem my points!

I clicked on "Sign in to Redeem" on the 7-Eleven Gift Card from Microsoft's Reward catalog.

By the way, the 7-Eleven Gift Card has 3 options to redeem.

Php100 for 2,495 points, Php500 for 11,590 points, and Php1,000 for 23,180 points.

Anyway, after I clicked on the Sign in button, the page just updated the buttons to "Redeem Reward" and "Set as Goal".

I clicked on "Redeem Reward", and it redirected me to this page. 

It already auto filled the email address to my registered Microsoft account, and it is not editable.

After clicking on "Confirm Reward", the next page needs to verify via phone, which I haven't saved to my Microsoft account yet, so for the sake of the reward I'm going to add it by clicking on "Add a phone number".

After adding my phone number, I had to go back from the start of the redemption page again.

Fast forward to the phone verification page, I was now able to send the code to my mobile number and entered the code below and clicked "Complete my order".

And that's it!

It says I will get the details of the reward to my email within 24 hours.

I shall update this blog post when I receive it and also when I redeem it at the 7-Eleven store.

I thought I will immediately need the CLIQQ account for this but turns out I didn't.

Maybe I will need it upon receiving the reward details on my email.


Update: I received the details on my email within 8 hours.

I tapped on the Redemption URL and redirected me to this Gifted PH page with the voucher code.

I just noticed that the issuance date was April 17 even though I only redeemed it last night, April 23.

Anyway, I copied the voucher code and opened the CLIQQ app.

Tapped on Open CLIQQ Wallet.

Tapped on Load Wallet.

And tapped on the Redeem code below the page.

Pasted the Redemption code and tapped Confirm.

And I got this successful confirmation!

My CLIQQ wallet now has the Php100 balance. 😍

I'll try to spend this at a 7-Eleven store and update this.


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