Thursday, November 17, 2016

Philippines | How to Apply for Student Driver's License

I went to LTO Marikina to apply for Student's License last July.

All I had to bring was my birth certificate (Original and 1 Photocopy).

First thing I was told was to take a medical checkup.  I just had to go downstairs where it is located and had my vision checked.  They will just make you read some letters from a distance with one eye.  Your height and weight will also be recorded.  And then you just have to pay Php 200 for it.

Then next, I went to the LTO office to get an application form.  They will checked first my birth certificate and the medical result, then they handed me the form with an attached number.

I was so busy filling that up that I didn't notice my number was already called.

When I came back to hand over my form, I was told to give it to Window 2.  There I had to wait for minutes for my name to be called.

After my name was called, I was told to proceed to Window 1 for picture-taking.  Then I had to wait again for my name to be called in Window 8.

There, they gave back my papers to pay for the amount stated.  It amounted to Php 318.
I paid on the same window and had to wait again for the return of my papers together with the receipt.

After I got my papers and receipt, I was told to go to Window 1 and there they took my papers and handed me my Temporary License (which looks like a receipt).

I was told to just follow up for the I.D. in the future.

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