Thursday, November 24, 2016

My LBC Shipping Cart Experience

I received last August a Prepaid Visa as a reward for a project that I made on the internet.

Thing is, it's not convertible to cash.  Since I really want a running shoes right now, I was planning to buy from Reebok online.  It's just that they don't ship internationally.

Luckily my friend then suggested to try Shipping Cart.

According to Shipping Cart's FAQ section:

"The Shipping Cart through a web application provides customers with a convenient means to ship goods purchased from U.S. online stores to their selected addresses in the Philippines by providing a free U.S. address and an intuitive interface that enables them to simply consolidate, pay for shipping, and ship their goods with utmost transparency and ease 

As a service, the Shipping Cart delivers goods that have been shipped from the U.S. directly to customers’ addresses."

So I registered to Shipping Cart's website, received my U.S. address via email (you can see this too in your Shipping Cart account) and then I ordered in Reebok's website using my U.S. address as the delivery address.

It was shipped from Reebok's warehouse to my U.S. address on September 06.

On September 12, I received an email from Shipping Cart about their maintenance schedule.  It was stated there that they will temporarily suspend processing of all received packages from September 11-14, 2016.  

Their site will be under maintenance beginning September 15, and processing of both incoming and outgoing packages will be suspended temporarily.  Furthermore, they will resume operations on September 16, 2016 and that they are taking these measures to facilitate their warehouse system upgrades - part of a series of updates in their efforts to improve the Shipping Cart service.

My, oh my.  I was so excited then, but now I had to wait until they resume their operation.

September 14, I received an email from Reebok that my order has been delivered.  It is within Shipping Cart's maintenance schedule.  So I'll have to wait for them to resume their operation and process my item.

September 16 has passed, and I still haven't received an email from Shipping Cart, even just an acknowledgement that they've received my item.  

And so on September 20, I sent an email to them ( about my package and there I received an email from them giving me until October 03 to receive an email notification that my package has been accepted at my Shipping Cart address.  Also, they apologized for the delay.

September 29, I received an email notification from them that my package has been accepted.  Now my package will be queued for processing, which will involve weighing, photographing any documentation from my seller that includes a list of what's in my package, and encoding into their system.

Same day, I also received a Shipping Cart gift card via email, as, according to them, a token of their sincere apology for the delay and inconvenience.  Which I truly understand because this maintenance is for the betterment of their services.  And I'm used to waiting already. #HUGOT x'D

October 05, received a notification from them that I can already view my package in my account.  So yeah, I was so excited to see, even just a photo of, my shoes.  He he!

This is a photo taken by Shipping cart.  Sorry I printed it in PDF file, but in Shipping cart's website, the photo includes details of my item.

October 06, I decided to ship it via sea cargo and paid it thru my Paypal (I also used the gift card I received last time for the discount :] ).  And I received an email from them that its status is "Payment Pending".

October 10, still hasn't received any update if my payment has been confirmed or what so I sent an email again.  Lol!  It's my first time doing all of this shipping kind of thing so I'm sort of anxious. x'D

And on the same day, I received a reply from them, a notification that the status of my package is "Paid" and being processed for shipping.  Yey!  The estimated delivery date is December 09 (sea cargo is estimated to take 45 business days to arrive).

So I guess I'll just forget about this for a while and follow up again when December 09 comes.  Haha!

October 13, I received an email that my package is now "In Transit".  Estimated Delivery Date was changed to December 05.  But as conservative as I am, I'll just give them until December 09. x'D

Fast forward....

November 14, around 6:30 pm, I was surprised to see the LBC delivery man in front of our house.  LOL!  I thought it was just a mistake, but he called out my name!  It's for me!  A package for me!  The one that I started to forget about until December 09!  Haha!

The top view of the box.

The bottom of the box.

The side of the box.

It is packaged well and is sealed properly.

Sorry if it's a little blurry, my phone sucks at night.

Despite the little delay that I experienced, I am very well satisfied with the service.  I feel like ordering again and using their service for shipment. x'D

I should be running, but why am I wearing pants?! x'D Nah, I'll run next time.

Oh, and I just thought of looking at my Shipping Cart account the next day, and this is what I saw in the Shipping History:

I saw that it was out for delivery since November 12.  But I was not at home that time.  We went out for shopping Christmas decors until dinner time. x'D

Now, now, what should I buy next online? :)

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  1. Nice, glad to know that you had a great experience with LBC! Do they a seafreight service? How much does is cost?


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