Friday, May 11, 2018

Post-VA Bootcamp | Getting A Client

Of course, my journey does not end with just finishing the boot camp I paid for.

It is the beginning of the real journey which I have been aiming for years.

Working. From. Home.

Was investing with my self-learning worth it?

Did I get my money back?

I have noticed while taking the boot camp that the lessons are demonstrated thru Upwork.

There are other freelancing websites that were suggested and there are lessons for it in the modules as well but Upwork has been explained more thoroughly.

From creating a profile, getting it approved, looking for a client, sending cover letters/proposals to working with a client, Upwork comes first.

That is why I was so focused on searching for an online job on Upwork as well.

I can't remember how many times I have edited my profile there and carefully choosing which job post I should apply to (because I can only send one proposal per day to prevent my account from being suspended).

My very first work experience on Upwork was from WFHR itself, a one-time project.

And my second one was the one I have been ranting about before, the "Easy" with a catch one, which up until now I have not finished yet since he asked for a revision for other replies that have missed (yes, when I checked my Excel report and viewed my replies, 5 of them were deleted and that account was removed too).

The blessing that I have been waiting for, unexpectedly, did not come from Upwork though but rather, it was from

I created a profile with it as suggested by the boot camp while I was still taking the lessons.

And I am updating it as well whenever I discover something that I can add to my profile.

The thing is, my Upwork profile is written as a Virtual Assistant while on, as a Home-based Accountant.

I told you before that I am more comfortable with my profession than being a VA so I set up my profiles like that.

I have also said before that I could work as a VA first then take the Quickbooks course upon earning some money to be able to shift back to my Accounting profession.

But guess what?

Last April 13, I got an invite for application on and it is for a full-time Accountant/Bookkeeper position!

Since we had a vacation on the 14th, I was able to send a reply on 15th, which was Sunday.

I got a response on the 16th scheduling a video call the next day.

Come the next day, we talked about the work and everything in between (pay is fixed every month, but it will be weekly for the first month, working days is from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm).

It was not as formal as we experience here in the Philippines during an interview.

It felt like a casual talk, at least for me, which made me feel a little less nervous since my English is not that good as well as my accent.

And I started immediately the following day, Wednesday.

You know what's more?

The software that they use is Quickbooks!

I was able to save money from enrolling for a course and able to work as an Accountant/Bookkeeper!

My first three (3) days was like training.

I watched training videos and applied it by using Quickbooks itself.

The following week I started doing some work although I am still kind of slow in working through the software.

And the question that you all have been curious about: Did I get my money back from enrolling in boot camp?

The answer is a big YES!

In my first eight (8) days of working, nabawi ko na ang binayad ko sa boot camp at sobra pa. Nakakaluha. 😭

The job is not that easy. It requires a lot of thinking since we are fixing the accounts of the clients and I am losing some hair from scratching when analyzing, but who would have thought I am this courageous to keep on going and take on the challenging tasks given to me?

There are days when I feel like I am not doing well.

Days that I feel like I am not being of help.

Days that I feel like I have failed in doing a task.

My client is not saying anything about all of these, that is just what I think I am doing. You know naman, feelingera ako.

Feeling ko minsan mali ang ginagawa ko at ang dami kong naiisip at naiimagine by the end of the day.

And the usual me deals with it by crying in the bathroom before starting the workday and releasing all the emotions from the inside and, after clearing my mind, life goes on and I start a new approach with the task, analyze what has gone wrong and rectify it.

Being thanked for the help that I have provided is very fulfilling though.

It makes me feel like I did it right. I did it right, yes? Because she thanked me, yes?

With my current work setup, I am still able to do household chores in the morning: cleaning, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, watering the plants, feeding the stray cat.

I am able to do my morning routine/ritual as well, doing some burpees and offering a 45-50 minute prayer (Rosary plus personal prayers in between).

And of course, a time for a shower, to be presentable for me. 😝

In the evening, I can do some grocery shopping, prepare food for dinner, wash the dishes, play some games, have some chat online with family, friends, WFHR classmates, etc. for inspiration and sharing, although I kind of usually extend my work hours up to 6:30 pm or so to compensate my lunch break (this is just me doing this, she didn't ask for this. I just want to complete the 8 working hours).

And of course, mawawala ba ang pagsisingit ko nitong pagba-blog ko? 😉

There are times na parang gahol sa oras yung iba ko pang mga gawain but I guess that can wait because health and sleep are more important.

Recharging energy is the key to my productive self.

So far ito lang muna ang nasa isip kong i-share.

Kung may maidadagdag pa, edi write pa more~

That's all for now~


The VA Bootcamp had a revamp last July 15, you can check the new website and updated course inclusions and terms >>here<<

You can check out my VA Bootcamp journey here:

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