Saturday, March 30, 2019

GCash | Reaching PayPal Pre-approved Payment Limit

Cashing in from PayPal to GCash has been like an ordinary routine for me whenever I need cash for paying bills, withdrawing money or sending money to my family.

Just when I tapped on Confirm the amount I'm cashing in, for my family's needs, last 25 March, a message appeared informing me that I have reached my PayPal pre-approved payment limit.

Since it is asking me to re-link my account, I think it is the same process as the last one I encountered way back in April 2018.

You can read it here: Re-Linking PayPal to GCash

Since it has an option to proceed, I tapped on it.

And it redirected me to this familiar page where I linked my PayPal account before.

My email address has already been pre-filled so I just tapped on the Link button.

A message like this appeared:

I chose Yes and been asked to fill up my PayPal details (Yup! Same as before!)

After tapping on Authorize, it led me to this more familiar page:

I was about to take screenshot of the other half and merge it to post it here but I got redirected to the Successful page before I was able to do so.

And that's basically it.

I think this will be a yearly thing or whenever I reach the payment limit, that I need to re-authorize GCash for a new pre-approved payment.

Glad that it's still less of a hassle though since they made it quick and easy.


If you happen to be new to GCash, here's a PHP 70 worth of freebies for you to try it out:

Having trouble scanning the QR Code? You can visit it here.

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