Saturday, March 16, 2019

Renting a Bike in Marikina City

This has been put off for so many times already until finally, Diane made it happen last 09 March.

(Siya kasi ang may alam kung saan. And she's the one who reallyyy wants to bike. 😝 But in the end, I'm the one who really enjoyed it.)

We went to Marikina River Park and there, lots of bikes are available for rent.

Note: We arrived there at sunset so it's already getting dark and as expected of me, I lack photos of the experience again!

The bike we rented costed P25 each for 1 hour. It has a basket in front. I think the ones with lights and bells cost more. (We'll try those out next time to give more details about it)

You'd have to leave your I.D. to rent one.

There are lots of people around of different ages.

Either nagbibike or nagjojog or nagwawalk.

May nagsisightseeing lang din or nagkukuwentuhan.

May mga nagpapractice ng sayaw or may nagmemerienda sa park.

And who would've thought? I haven't biked for so long that it made me nervous by the time I rode it. I almost hit a parked motorbike there.

I panicked as well nung marami akong makakasalubong and maraming nasa likod ko. Napakabig ako sa kaliwa instead na tumabi sa kanan so ayun, sinakop ko yung gitna while hearing them say "Whoa, whoa!" habang iniiwasan nila akong mabangga. 😂

But it became enjoyable when I got used to it. Mahaba ang park so sulit magbike.

Sa kakatext ni Diane to a certain someone, we got separated.

Nakarating na ako sa bandang Riverbanks Center just to realize na hindi na siya nakasunod sa likod ko.

When I got back, kasama na niya si Jayvee, "the driver".

She exchanged her bicycle to a new one with sidecar (with Jayvee as her pasahero). That costs P40.

At least, I was able to take photos of them. 😁

Just a piece of advice though, it's better to wear comfy clothes but still balot ka. (Ano daw?) For a reason na kapag nahinto kang magbike kasi, papapakin ka ng lamok. Or better yet, apply some mosquito repellent lotion.

All in all, I think we biked for more than 2 hours and we paid an extra P40 in total when we returned the rented bikes. Lumampas daw kasi kami ng 30 mins.

It's a great relaxing experience though. Peaceful and soothing ang hangin and the environment.

Ang nakakaexercise lang sakin is yung pagbubuhat ng bike to cross the bridge. But for Diane, the whole experience of biking with her pasahero was a hardcore exercise. 😂


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