Saturday, August 10, 2019

Happy Birthday, Hatputito!

Just a personal post to acknowledge me gaining a number in my age. 😆

Being in the mid-20s, I know I still have a lot to learn in life and that is happening every single day.

I know I am still young, but when I was still a lot younger, I've been so hard on myself, pressuring me about all the aspects of my life, being so affected by what other people say to me or about me and being so in a hurry about reaching the goals/standards set by the society.

"You know (mention name), he's working in (company) and already earning ₱₱₱₱₱₱."

"(Name) is working abroad."

"People of your age buy this and that, do this and that, travel here and there. They've already achieved this much."

These are what I always hear and I always answer in my mind, "But I am not them."

That is the only thing clear to me.

I am not them and that is not what I want.

But even though I am not interested as to what other people at my age is achieving, I still feel pressured about the expectations people around me have.

Because it feels like they are expecting me to follow the trend.

I've been torn between achieving what I want and meeting their expectations.

If I do what I want, they will be disappointed, but if I do what they want, I will feel unfulfilled.

Being confused in choosing which path to take, I got stressed out and been easily triggered.

But I know none of that is existing.

Everything’s all in my mind.

I am not doing anything in reality.

Nothing is really happening and all of it is imaginary.

As I realized that my enemy is myself and my mind, I searched how to win it by watching Leo's and Sadhguru's videos and conversing to my ever deep-thinker little brother and eventually learned to take things in a light and balanced way.

I learned to detach from the situation I am in and watch it in a bird's eye view.

Slowly I got my peace of mind and do things one at a time.

I chose to go my own way and not what others have insisted.

Little by little I am learning how to balance my life between my work, family, friends, society, spiritual and love and of course, myself.

What I've achieved so far and the places I've been to, I did not plan.

I learned to live in a "Come what may" state of mind but at the same time, doing what I can at the moment, living in the present.

Where I am at right now, I am contented.

But as the world continues to evolve, so am I.

I know I should not stop here and continue to grow as well.

I have heard a lot of dreams, a lot of goals, a lot of wishes.

Someone wants to be promoted to a higher position.

Someone wants to get married one day.

Someone wants to travel the world.

Someone wants to afford expensive lifestyle.

Really, there's a lot.

Every one of us has.

Sometimes I'd like to buy things too but it is not that big of a deal if I can't (its price will decrease in time and my interest in it will fade eventually).

What I am after right now is my Ikigai.

This is what an Ikigai looks like:

Pretty self-explanatory but seems hard to achieve.

I haven't read the book about it yet.

I might do in the future, but I will prioritize the things on my current list first and then eventually work on my Ikigai.

As for now, I feel blessed with all the people I am with, physically and virtually.

My birthday came in a heartwarming way and I am happy to have all these people in my life, near or far.

I feel bloated for 2 days straight now from dining out. 😆

And will probably still be this weekend. 😂

But hey, this is life, make the most out of it.....but in moderation. Lol

Rock on 🤘

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