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Vacation | Valleypoint Campsite Tuba Benguet

Before I start telling our experience with Valleypoint Campsite, I'll pop the bubble: We did not camp! Hahaha

There are lots of reviews about its camping or glamping amenities and experience, but Pabeeda as we are, ours is kind of different.

Only the five (5) of us were able to make this trip happen last 13th - 14th of July  and our budget per person was Php 2,000, all the necessary expenses included such as the fee in Valleypoint, food, gas and toll (we're using a private car).

We departed from Manila at around 3:45 AM and passed by a burning truck in NLEX.

Is this unnecessary info? Not for me as there's more that happened.

We arrived in Baguio city at around 08:30 AM.

Even though our check in time is still at 02:00 PM, we decided to visit and check the place first. (Malay niyo magbago ang isip namin pagkakita nun. 😆)

The place is nice as well as the people.

They let us tour the place and even let our things be left in our reserved room.

We were given one (1) blanket each.

Our room has 3 bunk beds. (Two have the same size and the other one is smaller)

And each bed has 2 pillows which was about to disappear as you continue on reading.

They let us visit the Chill Area too and they opened the window even if there are signs to saying to not open it.

And I can tell that it really is chilly as the clouds entered the room.

Since our check in time is still in the afternoon, we left the place and looked for something else to do within Baguio city.

We had our fill in SM Baguio's food court first then toured Burnham Park while our driver, Jayvee 😝 is fulfilling his work-related duties.

Pero iba na talaga kapag tumatanda dahil halos wala na kaming nagawa. Hahahaha

Pero hindi namin pinalampas ang makatikim ng Strawberry dirty ice cream at Strawberry taho.

Who cares kung mabungi kami sa magkaibang temperature ng magkasunod naming kinain? Haha

Most of the our time were spent just sitting and sightseeing! And picture-taking.. haha

Alam niyo naman na ang mga makikita sa Baguio so BTS na lang ang ipapakita ko. Haha

And as Jayvee fetched us, we returned to Valley Point to check in.

When we reached our room, the blankets were already unpacked and there's only 1 pillow left per bed!

What I appreciate though are the lamps attached to the walls and the outlet per bed because I slept at the upper bed. (Parang medyo redundant pero hayaan niyo na)

We just spent our afternoon playing Jenga which we borrowed from Valley Point, just needed to fill up a log book.

This was my first playing this actually.

There are other board and card games which you can borrow too.

Nag-merienda na rin kami sa kanilang restaurant. Unlimited coffee it is.

Yes, merienda ito.

Oo, merienda rin ito.

Our fee included a choice of Airsoft or Archery.

We chose Airsoft which Jayvee has upgraded from target shooting to Maze thinking we'll be able to battle against each other but it was not the case.

Turned out the maze was per person only with targets every turn.

We were told though that we still have our basic archery/airsoft included in our package but can be availed the next day because it's getting cloudy and they've already packed up.

I can describe our trip like a staycation in Valley Point as we haven't done much and spent most of the time with the barkada's company.

The sunset was lovely and a must see as well as the sunrise.

We were supposed to have our dinner out and experience the night market but the traffic was really bad in Baguio and it started raining in the evening so we headed back and had our dinner at the restaurant and ended the night with Bacardi.

Bacardi na banned na sa future trips namin. Hahaha

So I think it was a good decision that we chose the room than the tent because the rain was no joke.

And it was really cold.

Our free breakfast was an adobo-silog combination and masarap siya. 😄

Hindi na namin nagamit yung airsoft/archery pass namin and we checked out at 11:00 AM.

We intended to have our lunch sa baba na ng Baguio city so we just bought some snacks from 7-eleven along the way.

Neither have I imagined na makakaexperience kami ng trouble on our way home.

We had a long time ride pababa as we kept on hearing a roaring sound from the car, most of the time whenever we make a right turn.

The brakes are good, the tires are good, but we kept on hearing it kaya nagbagal kami.

The conclusion though is baka kasi mabigat kami as we rode a Toyota Wigo ng ito ang pasahero:


Another mishap as we drove home are two (2) car accidents again as we passed by the expressway.

But thank God we all got home safe. 😊

In summary though, I think 2 days and 1 night is not enough to explore Baguio or to maximize what you can do in Valley Point especially kung kaming mga tamad ang makakasama niyo. Hahaha

But hey, it's worth it, at least for us. 😄

(I'm still having a hard time which photos to post, so medyo bitin pa ito. And it took me a month to even write this My apologies. 🙇)

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  1. nice blog po, we honestly want our guest to stay at valleypoint as much as possible cause we know how stressful baguio is


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