Saturday, August 17, 2019

Accelera | CPD Units For CPAs

After my post before about my PRC license renewal way back in 2016, it is that time again for my second renewal.
The difference this time is that the CPD units are now mandatory for the renewal of license.

A lot of professionals are aching for the required units for each profession, especially us, CPAs, as the required units as per the CPD law for our profession is 120 units!

But thanks to the guidelines released and effective last 01 March 2019, the required units are now down to 15 units for renewing CPAs as long as the BOA hasn't released its own guidelines for CPAs.

Being a work from home person, I haven't had the time to attend even one (1) seminar to acquire a unit.

As I searched online for other options, I found Accelera Pro's website which offers seminars online which I can watch anytime and anywhere.

How it works is that I would buy a course, handouts will be given, videos will be watched, a quiz will be taken (at least 75% to pass), an evaluation for the course, and the speaker will be asked and you can generate your certificate of completion. That's it.

I bought The Accountant Bundle for P1,500 (manual payment) or $28.83 (PayPal) which totals 15 CPD units.

Manual payment can be done via bank deposit or online transfer, Gcash, Smartmoney, Cebuana, Palawan Express, or other similar modes of money transfer.

It comprises these following 10 courses:
  • Taxation for Small Businesses - BIR Registration and BIR Forms
  • Entrepreneurial Accounting - Part 1 to Part 3
  • PFRS for SMEs - Part 1 & Part 2
  • Full PFRS - Part 1 to Part 4

A total of 105 videos to watch (which ranges from 45 seconds to 4 minutes time), 10 quizzes (1 for each course), 8 surveys and 20 PDFs for this bundle.

According to their FAQ, their certification provider is Accredible which is also used by Rosetta Stone, Google and Kaplan University, among others, to provide certificates.

I can also check the authenticity of the certificate via blockchain verification.

Of course before I bought the course, I had to search the website's legitimacy by going to PRC's website > Continuing Professional Development > Accredited Programs and Providers > Checking Accelera Inc with accreditation no. 2017-133.

I have also read their FAQ which I would advise you to do so too before buying.

What I like about Accelera is that it is cheaper than the physical seminars that we have to attend to which takes a whole day to finish and only gives you 8 CPD units which will cost us Php 2,500.

While this can be accessed anytime and wherever you are and costed only Php 1,500 for 15 CPD units for me.

I also receive a weekly reminder/progress summary of the bundle I bought.

The only catch is that I only have 3 months access to the course so I'd have to finish it within that given time.

But according to their FAQ I can still request for another 3 months extension if I am not able to finish it. I just need to send them an email, they said.

As of now I have completed 7 out of the 10 courses.

For the certificate, I already received my first certificate when I read an instruction on how to add my middle initial in it. (By adding it to the First name field in my Accelera profile. Which is what I did for the next certificates.)

Don't forget to specify your PRC license no. too as it will appear in the certificate as well.


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