Saturday, August 31, 2019

Worst Stye as Yet!

Last week, 19 August to be exact, I was doing my usual routine, doing my online work and having my normal day.

Least that I expect that I am about to experience something I wouldn't want to.

I usually have some (one or two) eyelash falling out almost everyday and it has already become normal for me.

That Monday though, I scratched my right eye while working and continued on. 

But as I reached the evening, it somehow felt irritated and turned red.

I washed my face that night as I normally do but I felt a bump below my right eye.

On Monday.

I shrugged it off because I've experienced having a stye before and it eventually disappeared after few days.

Wednesday was a holiday and I worked on transferring my plants to a bigger pot that morning.

I wonder if it got more irritated with the soil's particles but it felt bigger that evening.

I even went out on Thursday to meet with my friends while my stye is growing bigger.

On Thursday.

After I logged off from work on Friday, I tried to ask at the pharmacy what medicine I could take or what I can buy for my stye but they couldn't give me anything!

As they looked at the condition of my eye, they said that it would need an anti-bacterial chuchu already which requires a doctor's prescription which I obviously don't have.

On Friday.

And even with this condition, I still continued with my commitments during the weekend but I already am looking for an ophthalmologist that Saturday which unfortunately were not available at the three (3) clinics that we went to.

Luckily, one of my aunt's friend knows a pharmacy owner, the one beside my internal medicine doctor's clinic within our village.

She accompanied me there and since the clinic is closed we explained that I wasn't able to ask for prescription and because they all know each other, I was finally able to buy an antibiotic 

She gave me 21 pcs, to be taken three (3) times a day after meal.

This is the antibiotic she gave. Its name is Cloxane.

Come Monday, another holiday so I managed to go to the clinic near the pharmacy I bought the antibiotic from.

My stye is already at its worst and looks like it is about to burst.

Second Monday.

She increased my dosage from three (3) to four (4) times a day to be taken every 6 hours and I was referred to an ophthalmologist because she is worrying it would scar if it bursts from the outside (at least the ophtha could choose a place to prick it, she said).

As I called the ophtha's clinic though, her earliest available schedule is on Wednesday.

I have no choice but to wait until the day comes and religiously drink my medicine as prescribed.

Come next day, Tuesday, I thought yesterday was the worst but this was more, it was too painful as if lots of needles were prickling it.

My eye continued to tear up as I am doing my online work.

Second Tuesday.

I did warm compress as well to ease the pain.

As it reached evening, my stye somehow decreased in size.

And it continued to decrease for the following day and it is not painful anymore so I did not continue going to the ophtha anymore.

Second Wednesday.

I will observe it first as I drink my medicine for one (1) week and see how it heals.

Second Thursday.
As of this writing, Friday, it has shrunk a lot already.

Second  Friday. Please excuse my shining and shimmering face.
According to the doctor, her guess is that an eyelash might have fallen which left a pore open for dirt or bacteria and maybe that was the time when I scratched my eye and that's where it started.

That is acceptable considering I have too much dust in my work area. 😅

She turned down the idea that the dried fish that I ate might have caused it (you know, the thought of taking too much protein might cause a stye).

So yeah, looks like the house already needs some cleaning.~


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