Sunday, November 15, 2020

GCash | Donate to #UlysessPHAid

How are you guys doing?

We are two months away from the end of this year, but 2020 is not yet done in leaving its mark to our lives.

Last Thursday relived the fear and memory of our experience from Typhoon Ondoy 11 years ago when #Ulysses hit the Philippines.

If you search news about Ulysses, you will see how massive the damage it dealt with Filipinos.

The fact that this succeeded multiple typhoons in the past weeks already, bugbog-sarado na ang bansa natin nang manalasa ang naturang bagyo.

As Mang Tani already explained, the soil were already saturated because of the past typhoons, so when Ulysses came, it cannot absorb the water anymore, kaya nagdulot ng malawak at malalim na pagbaha, mas malala pa kaysa Ondoy.

Marikina river level has set its record with this typhoon as well.

As we were listening to the news updates using our battery-powered radio, with no electricity and very weak signal, we were worrying that flashflood will occur as what happened when Ondoy hit us more than a decade ago.

Things were brought upstairs to prepare for it, while auntie and I are praying and hoping it won't happen.

And miraculously, it didn't. 🙏

We were relieved.

But the surrounding towns and cities from our area as well as the other provinces, experienced the worst.😔

We can't search the internet nor watch the TV at that time due to power outtage, but as the reporters we were listening to described, houses were submerged in flood water and people staying at the roof, asking and waiting for rescue.

Actually as of this writing, there are still people at the roof of their houses waiting to be rescued.

It took a while to bring our electricity back.

We were wondering why, but turned out, the main road of our subdivision was flooded so the Meralco service team could not get in to fix the posts.

Thankful that we were kept safe, the savings I should have used kung kami ay nasalanta, ipinantutulong ko na lang ngayon sa mga nangangailangan.

We have got our electricity back, and as I see the news and how devastated other places are, I'm looking for ways to help.

One way I found is via GCash.

Given that we still have this pandemic, it is not advisable to donate goods, but financial support will go a long way.

And I have seen this from the homepage of GCash:

By donating in #UlyssesPHAid, the proceeds will go to UNICEF, Philippine Red Cross, Save the Children, Lingkod Kapamilya, PDRF, and World Vision.

The process is very straighforward as well.

If you'd like to donate, just open the GCash app.

Go to Pay Bills > Others > #UlyssesPHAid.

Just fill in your name and the amount you wish to donate.

Tap Next and Confirm.

And it's done!

It will be immediately deducted from your GCash balance.

There is #TulongCagayan in the app as well. There are still people in the province that are staying in the roof.

Let us all help each other and let us all get through this together. Bangon Pilipinas 🇵🇭


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