Sunday, November 29, 2020

Lazada | Fun Farm: Collect Coins, Exchange for Items

We usually open online shopping apps, of course, to buy, or maybe for screen-shopping (instead of window-shopping), to look for great/rare finds, or maybe to past time.

But these activities will eventually lead us to spend.

What if I tell you there are other activities within the app that will help you lessen your spendings, or even give the item you want for free?

That is the benefit you will get with Lazada's Fun Farm.

Fun Farm is a game within the Lazada app.

It is about a cat with a strawberry farm (more like a garden though).

Every eight (8) hours, you get to harvest strawberries that have an equivalent coin.

100 strawberries = 1 coin.

The minimum guaranteed strawberries you will harvest without doing anything is 1,500 which is equivalent to 15 coins.

You can water the strawberries to harvest more.

10 water = additional 100 strawberries.

When I started Fun Farm, I have around 200 water, if my memory serves me right.

I didn't know anything about techniques so I watered my strawberries until it reaches the maximum of 2,700 every time (200 of which is given as an additional bonus strawberry for reaching 2,000 strawberries).

I just realized I made a mistake about it when I ran out of water.

You can play with the cat, feed him, have him take selfies, or cut weeds to get some water. This is a limited activity though, you can do it 7-14 times before harvest. I am still figuring out their system, but I noticed at 12 mn, you can do these activities with the cat for a maximum of 14 times. But in the morning, it is only down to 7, and lesser as the time passes.

Before, it gives 10 water for every activity you do with the cat, but they updated it (without notice) and decreased it to 3 water now. ☹️

So in summary, you get to harvest 1,500 guaranteed strawberries every 8 hours without doing anything. Water it to increase your harvest. 10 water = 100 additional strawberries.

My suggestion is to water it until it reaches 2,000 strawberries (meaning you will consume only 50 water), and you will get a bonus of 200 strawberries. That is 2,200 strawberries after 8 hours, equivalent to 22 coins.

Just aim for 2,000 strawberries. Why? Because water is scarce. If you use it deliberately, you won't get the bonus strawberries when you ran out of water supply and didn't reach the 2,000.

So always aim for the 2,000 to get a bonus of 200 every time.

If your water supply is less than 50, save it for later until you have enough to water the strawberries for the bonus. Just do some activities with the cat.

You can also do some missions that will give you coins and water.

What benefit will you get from this game?

You can exchange the coins you have collected for specific items. 😃

You can check out the items I got for free when I exchanged my coins in this 👉post👈.

You can also exchange it for free shipping (this is not always available, so grab it whenever you see it).

350 coins = Php 50 free shipping, and 500 coins = Php 100 free shipping.

If there is nothing you like from the choices, just save your coins for later.

You will eventually find something that you'd like to exchange your coins for. 😉

Aside from the free 25 water daily, Fun Farm gives 3 free fertilizers every day as well. 

1 fertilizer = decreases your harvest time by 2 hours.

So when you use the 3 free fertilizers, that means your harvest time will be decreased by 6 hours and you can harvest your strawberries after 2 hours. 

Every day, I collect an average total of 59 coins from Fun Farm. 

Two harvests of 2,200 strawberries and one harvest of 1,500 strawberries.

When I watch a live stream for 3 minutes, I get an additional 20 coins.

Browse Flash Sale for 2 coins, and 5 water.

Browse Lazmall for 2 coins, and 3 water.

Browse 4 items for 3 coins, and 3 water.

That is a total of 86 coins every day.

And that won't even take 10 minutes to do everything.

When I have an order to write a review for, I get 10 coins as well, so that makes it 96 coins.

All these just from Fun Farm.

I only do this game and Laz City.

I am not sure about how many coins we can get with the other games yet.

But hey, this can save us some money when checking out so it is a good benefit.

You get to play and save at the same time. 😊


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